Banks called average check users of payment systems of Apple and Samsung

Apple Pay officially started in Russia on October 4, but with some limitations: you can use the service could only card holders of MasterCard, issued by Sberbank. From mid-November Apple Pay was able to join and owners of Visa. According to Apple, now in Russia works 14 financial institutions, including Alfa-Bank, “Russian standard” VTB 24, “Opening” and “Yandex.Money.”

Payment service Samsung ahead of Apple for a week and start in late September. But while Samsung Pay works with seven banks and only with MasterCard.

They are small, but they are active

According to banks, working with services from Apple and Samsung, which have collected and analyzed , the share of users of contactless payments yet. According to the assessment of MTS, today in Russia more than 100 thousand people to use contactless services on both systems. For comparison: according to the CBR, as of 1 July 2016 in Russia produced more than 248 million cards.

Among the clients of VTB24 contactless payments Apple and Samsung are 35 thousand people (about 10% of clients — owners of devices that support these services). Until the end of 2017, the Bank expects to attract to the systems 70 thousand customers.

The Bank “Saint Petersburg” more than 7 thousand customers activated Apple Pay that is 15% of the total number of customers using Apple devices to sign in to the Internet Bank and mobile app, said the representative of the Bank.

In Raiffeisenbank, the average is about 1.5%, although for some products the percentage is higher, said the representative of the Bank: for credit cards the highest percentage of penetration of MasterCard, Austrian Airlines, among debit — Debit Afisha World, about 10%. According to the forecast of Raiffeisenbank, the penetration of Apple Pay is expected to grow to 3.5% of all users by the end of 2016, Samsung Pay — up to 2%.

According to the Director of products and projects of e-business at Alfa-Bank Tatiana Yarmola, the first thousand users of Apple Pay joined just half an hour since the start of the project. Accurate data on the number of customers in the Bank did not disclose, noting only “positive dynamics” and “very significant penetration.”

Daily expenses

According to “Yandex.Money,” more than just contactless payments — 87% — make a purchase in the amount of 1 thousand rubles., 11% — from 1 thousand to 5 thousand rubles, and 2% above 5 thousand rubles. Average check transactions — 708 RUB the Total volume of transactions made by clients of the Bank “Saint Petersburg” with Apple Pay, is slightly less than 12 million rubles. with an average check in the 570-600 rubles, said the representative of the Bank.

The turnover of the services VTB24 is about 100 million rubles in a week, “single active client” Bank spends from 7 thousand to 10 thousand RUB over the same period, and the most popular check amount — RUB 99 furthermore, according to VTB24, more than 40% of all operations with Apple is concentrated in Moscow, with Samsung Pay in the capital is done by only a quarter of purchases.

The average bill of the customer Alfa-Bank connected Samsung Pay $ 1.2 thousand.

The total volume of transactions of Raiffeisenbank via the payment service, Samsung is about 13 million rubles., using Apple Pay is about 77 million rubles. Average check for Apple Pay — “a bit above 1 thousand RUB”, Samsung Pay — about 900 rubles, specify in the Bank.

The Bank “Tinkoff” refused to provide data on the volume of transactions and the average price, but noted that “if at first many use Apple Pay for small transactions to test the service, then at least use the value of transactions and frequency of use is growing.”

Contactless payments customers of all banks surveyed, and services mainly in everyday life — for payment in cafes, grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations. According to “Yandex.Money” system was used most often to pay the fare in the subway, to pay for Central suburban passenger company, in the stores “Pyaterochka”, hypermarkets “O’key” and the network of alcohol shops “Red & White”.

According to the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikova, Apple Pay is used primarily for online payments and applications, as well as at the cash desks of supermarkets, which are equipped with Pay Pass. The need for a Pay Pass he called the main constraint for the development of the technology. “Another [limit], just and for Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay — the lack of support for Visa payment system in most banks,” he said. However, a source close to MTS said that such support should appear in December.

Telephone for Tiffany

Despite the fact that services Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, consumers are used for smaller everyday expenses, some of them pay for larger purchases. As told the Director of products and projects of e-business at Alfa-Bank Tatiana Yarmola, the most expensive purchase — by 1.83 million roubles have been committed by the Bank customer through the service, Samsung Pay in the store Tiffany&Co. “Record” check to 200 thousand rubles. was also a client of “Russian standard” if you pay in Volgograd electronics store via Samsung Pay. The biggest purchase of VTB24 customer (through which service is not specified) in the amount of 500 thousand rubles took place in Khimki.