Sberbank will offer to pay for the purchase of apartments map

The savings Bank will offer its clients to pay for the purchase of the apartment by credit card, told “Vedomosti” head of merchant acquiring Bank Svetlana Kirsanova. In the framework of the project the owners of Bank cards of the savings Bank may pay all or part of the cost of apartments map on the websites of the four developers, or through POS-terminals in offices of the partners.

According to Kirsanova, in the course of the pilot project to pay for the apartment will only be a map of the savings Bank. She did not specify whether the ability of holders of cards of other banks to buy an apartment in this way.

A pilot project of Sberbank launched in November, along with 20 major developers, including a “Group LSR”, “standard”, “pioneer” and the PEAK. The project will run until January 2017 and will apply to Moscow, Moscow oblast, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Voronezh. If the project proves successful, the Bank plans to extend it across the country, the newspaper notes.

According to the representative of the state Bank, the Commission for reception cards paid by the developer. The amount of Commission he did not elaborate. The standard Commission charged by banks Aquarama with sellers, is typically 1-2% depending on the type of outlet, the category map and rpm, the newspaper said. Part of the fee the Bank keeps, another part accrues to the Bank that issued the card.

The price of convenience

The idea of using plastic cards in the calculations in real estate transactions, interesting and modern: now major market participants, including PIK group and the seller, are moving in the direction of simplification of procedure of purchase of real estate, said CEO “MIEL-new Buildings” Natalia Shatalina. But it is difficult to predict, whether will find this initiative a great response among the buyers, as many, she said, prefer not to keep large sums on the cards. “Most likely, this option is more suitable in order to make a part payment or down payment, for example, to 500 thousand rubles”, — she suggested in response to the request.

Executive Director of the company FTSSR (developer “Quarter Triumphant”), Paul Telushkin adds that buyers of expensive housing are unlikely to keep large sums of money, sufficient for purchase of apartments on the same account. “As the experience of the crisis years, the money can be frozen, blocked, and transactions with them are limited. There are other risks: the Bank may require to confirm the legal origin of the funds in the account before they can be transferred for the purchase of apartments,” — he said.

Shatalina does not exclude that the developers can lay the Commission for enquiring the price. The size of the Commission, she said, depends on the interest rates of the Bank, but it is not the expenditure side. According to her, the discounts that developers are offering customers significantly more Commission and amount to 10-15%.

Telushkin, in turn, said that the Commission, which will pay developers the project of the savings Bank, must be “clearly below” the standard Commission in the retail trade or daily services (1-2%). “Such Bank “fee” is too high for the housing market, where we are talking about huge sums that people often pay a lifetime. In my opinion, the Commission, in the case of apartments should not exceed 0.5%,” he says.

Managing partner of “Metrium Groups” Maria Litinetskaya believes that the Commission for acquiring 1-2% is the barrier for the introduction of payment of real estate on the map. “1% of the average size of obligatory insurance of liability of developers. Even this amount has a serious impact on the financial burden of the developer and leads to a decrease in the profitability of the project. So I don’t think the developers would be seriously interested in paying transactions on the card after all, despite the convenience, to cut the already low yield by 1-2% absolutely unprofitable,” she said.

To explain how the real estate market can respond to innovations from Sberbank, Litinetskaya cites the example of the automobile market. “In most dealerships, customers have the possibility to pay by card. But in this case the value of the car increases by 2-3% — auto-center sets the fee for acquiring the amount of the transaction,” she says. In its opinion, will take the same developers and in the end the client will have to pay more.

Litinetskaya acknowledges that the fee for acquiring is significantly lower than the size of the proposed developers of the discounts (on average, she said, — 5-7%), but she does not believe that the client will choose between the possibility to pay by card and decreasing discounts for the same 2% the first option. “2% of sales price in 10 million roubles — that’s 200 thousand I Think for the sake of saving this amount the buyer is willing to spend time and make a wire transfer. In addition, the program “Thank you from Sberbank” (the return of 0,5% from amount of payment in the form of bonuses) with the same amounts will allow you to get only 50 thousand. That is, the equity holder will lose theoretically on the innovation of 150 thousand rubles”, — she suggests.