Shuvalov announced changes in the tax system

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, speaking at the conference “one Hundred steps towards favorable investment climate” in Moscow, announced the adoption of new tax legislation in 2018, reports . According to Shuvalov, for this in 2017 there should be a discussion about updating the tax system.

“There is a preliminary understanding from the administration and from the Central Bank and the government that it is necessary to prepare for the new tax the aggregate, so that the whole of the next political cycle, too, was stable, all the tax decisions were stable, — said Shuvalov. — I think in 2017 it will be publicly very acute sound. Let the sounds — it does not mean that we immediately run to the State Duma asking legislators to amend the Tax code.” “Discussion in 2017 should be conducted and prepared tax package. This work we do,” he concluded.

Vice Prime Minister also recalled the political objective of President Vladimir Putin not to raise the tax burden on entrepreneurs until the end of 2018. “To do this, one must go through a discussion in 2017 to the latest, before the end of the spring session of the Duma in 2018 was taken all the decisions”, — said Shuvalov. According to him, “this is a completely normal schedule enough time to argue as follows”

Earlier, the Finance Ministry said that Russia has disproportionately large load on the payroll and that because of this salary goes into the shadows. The Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov in the end of November, announced that his Ministry will prepare proposals on “the optimal ratio of direct and indirect load” to load video (mainly in the form of deductions from salaries to social funds) decreased. We are talking about reducing insurance premiums and the simultaneous increase in VAT.

In addition to this move, the Ministry of Finance is discussing the possibility of introducing a progressive scale of personal income tax. The proposals include the introduction of a progressive scale, the Ministry is preparing by the year 2018, the MPs said Siluanov in mid-November. Now progressive taxation you cannot enter: it will only trigger a withdrawal of revenue in the shade, fears of the Ministry of Finance.