The bribe for the General: what is known about the case of Gennady Lopyreva

What happened

  • November 25, the press service of the Federal security service released a statement in which he reported the arrest of General Gennady Lopyreva. As has told a source familiar with the investigation, the General was arrested the day before, November 24 at his apartment in Sochi.
  • As reported TFR spokesman Svetlana Petrenko, Lopyrev was charged under part 6 St. 290 criminal code (bribery in especially large size). According to the investigation, he took money from “a number of heads of commercial structures for the overall protection in the conclusion and execution of public contracts for the repair and construction works”.
  • According to a source “Interfax”, Lopyrev was caught red-handed “during the search he seized a large sum of money” equal to 1 billion rubles. As a source told TASS news Agency, speech can go about the large amount. A source close to law enforcement told me that in the case Lopyreva there are two episodes of receiving a bribe. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the General suspected of receiving 6.2 million rubles.
  • The guilt, Lopyrev does not recognize.

Gennady Lopyrev in 2006, he headed the FSO unit in the Caucasus. This service ahead of the Olympics in Sochi has signed some large government contracts.

As it became known from the words of the interlocutor close to the Kremlin, and a source close to the leadership of the FSB, Lopyrev had to leave his post six months ago. His resignation did not take place, as according to sources , he “was a very important figure.” Under the FSO, the General in charge of all public facilities in the South of the country, including the residence of the President and the Prime Minister.


  • According to the source TASS in law enforcement bodies, the case against Lopyreva may be associated with the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi.
  • As said the chief editor of the Sochi Corporation “Max Media Grupp” Natalia Boyko, detention Lopyreva may be associated with the construction of the house in Bocharov Stream near the residence of Vladimir Putin. According to her, against this construction were made by local residents, a position that until the filing of the case to the court of last resort supported by FSO. “It is the General Lopyrev signed a letter to the court in which he indicated that he sees no danger in construction. And the court took the decision to build,” — said Boyko.

Connection with the Sochi city hall

  • According to the source in the leadership of Sochi, the General worked closely with the local authorities. For example, he was part of the delegation that represented the city at an investment forum “Sochi-2012”.
  • 25 November, “Izvestiya” reported that the building of the local municipality were searched in the case related to allocation of land plots for construction of Olympic facilities. Later the article was removed from website edition. A source close to the Sochi administration, said that the inspection process lasted for several weeks, the attention of militiamen was attracted to including the actions of the administration of Sochi and the mayor of the city Anatoly Pakhomov passes on business as the witness. This information was later denied by city administration and law enforcement agencies.

General and gospodryady

  • According to “SPARK-Marketing”, since 2011, security in the Caucasus (JUICE) FSO has signed contracts for 18.2 billion RUB, All contracts, according to the website of public procurement, was signed by Lopyrev.
  • More than half of the total amount of government contracts (9.3 billion rubles) received FGUP “Ateks” controlled by the Federal security service. The company received contracts for construction of seven projects, including “reconstruction of the main house at the facility FSO of Russia “Bocharov stream”. “Ateks” is associated with the St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko accused of smuggling. His good friend Andrew Fireplaces — the General Director of the FSUE. With the name Mikhalchenko, according to sources, connected to the resignation of the Director, FSO Evgeny Murov and chief of the Department For economic security service of FSB Victor Voronin.
  • Another contractor FSO — kopania “Soyuzavtostroy” received 2.8 billion rubles 21 goodread.
  • The third largest contractor — the company “the Alliance the XXI century”, earned RUB 1.4 billion Firm belongs to the Deputy of Sochi city Assembly from the “United Russia” the Novel Kirushina.