The first savings Bank became the most expensive company of Russia

The value of the shares of the savings Bank during trading on the Moscow exchange on Monday, November 28, rose to 161,12 RUB apiece, the value of the preference shares 118,34 RUB, according to the auction. As a result, about at 14:00 GMT, the market capitalization of Sberbank has reached 3,557 trillion rubles (including preference shares) and exceeded the capitalization of “Rosneft” (3,548 trillion), the shares of which mid-day has fallen in price compared to the closing of the previous trading more than 2%.

The press service of Sberbank refused to comment. A source close to the Bank, I noticed that the first savings Bank took first place for capitalization.

Sberbank is not much ahead of “Rosneft” in terms of capitalization, said the press Secretary of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev. He added that the level of tax payments to the budget, these two companies are absolutely incomparable. “We have a glaring difference of fiscal stress. For 2015, the savings Bank has paid to the budget in taxes 144 billion rubles, and Rosneft is 2.3 trillion rubles. And the difference in tax burden this year continues to grow in the direction of its increase on the oil and gas sector”, — said Leontiev .

Later in the trading value of the securities of Sberbank went down. 16:52 Moscow time the cost of ordinary shares of Sberbank decreased compared to the close of trading on Friday 0.52%. The capitalization of the savings Bank on the Moscow stock exchange by this time was to 3.44 trillion, taking into account preferred shares — about 3,56 trillion Shares of “Rosneft” to 16:54 traded at a price of 336 rubles, which is 1.6% below the closing level of the previous trading session. The capitalization of the oil companies at this point, according to the stock exchange, were those of 3.56 trillion.

On the second place by market capitalization on the Russian market, Sberbank came at the end of August 2016, beating Gazprom. On 26 August the capitalization of the largest Bank in the country exceeds by 3.28 trillion rubles (including preferred shares), whereas Gazprom’s market capitalization then was 3,22 trillion rubles.

UBS analysts then predicted that the shares of Sberbank will continue its growth and eventually it will allow him to deprive Rosneft of the status of the most expensive companies of Russia. In particular, UBS analyst Michael helm predicted that the value of Sberbank shares in the future 12 months may increase up to RUB 185 However, while the peak of the recovery remains mark 163,42 RUB reached 25 Nov 2016.

Itself “Rosneft” for the first time reached the status of most expensive companies in Russia 11 April 2016, when its market capitalization rose to 3,468 trillion against a 3.45 trillion in “Gazprom”. In early June, after the release of the report “Rosneft” for the first quarter of 2016, its market capitalization once again exceeded the “cost” of “Gazprom” — 3.6 trillion RUB vs 3.46 trillion. “Not worried,” — said the official representative of “Gazprom” Sergei Kupriyanov, in response to the question of the loss of the status of the most expensive Russian company. “It’s a state of mind, not numbers on the screen”, he said.

To 18:00 MSK on November 28, the capitalization of “Rosneft” on the Moscow stock exchange amounted to 3,558 trillion rubles, Sberbank — 3,548 trillion rubles, “Gazprom” — 3,527 trillion rubles.