The government refuses to increase insurance contributions from salaries

The effective rate of insurance contributions from wages to the Fund of obligatory medical insurance (FOMS) will be maintained for the next three years at 5.1%, said the source in the state Duma. The deputies agreed with the government that the officials will not insist on is scheduled for 2019 increase rates contributions to 5.9%, confirmed a source close to the presidential administration. According to him, the deputies together with the government will find another way to balance the budget of the HIF. The rate increase to 5.9%, says a government source.

The bill to increase insurance contributions to the HIF from 1 January 2019, the government submitted to the state Duma in late October in one package with the draft Federal budget and the budget of HIF for 2017-2019. Rates increase with 2019 included in the draft budget of the HIF — Fund predicts the transition to surplus in its budget at the level of 45.1 billion RUB increase in the rate of this contribution will raise the total payments of employers in state funds (PFR, FSS and FOMS) from the current 30% to 30.8%, said earlier the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. In the budget of the HIF increase was to bring RUB 180 billion of additional revenues, explained to the press the Director of the Fund Natalia stadchenko. To discuss with the authorities ‘ refusal from the idea of increasing the rate of contribution of HIF Stadchenko Monday, November 28, has refused, having suggested to wait for the decision of the Duma Committee on the budget.

Disagreement with the government’s plans to increase contributions to HIF have repeatedly said the deputies-United Russia. In particular, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget Andrey Makarov pointed to the inconsistency between the plans of the “Main directions of tax policy”, approved by the government (later the same remark to the bill was expressed by the chamber). In addition, Makarov said that the idea of anywhere other than the government, were not discussed. The HIF budget for 2019 is formed with a surplus, as a result, “the relevance of the proposed rate value doubt,” said at the plenary session of the Duma on 18 November, the representative of the Committee on budget Airat Farrakhov. To increase contributions, “we do not see any objective justification”, said at the same plenary meeting, the representative of the Duma fraction of United Russia’s Olga batalina.

“We were assured that the transfer of administration functions to the tax office will lead to growth of revenues according to types of insurance premiums. Therefore, we believe that to balance the health insurance Fund may need and by improving the quality of administration”, — explained the Deputy. To review these members have not responded.

The project of budget FOMS for 2017-2019, the Duma adopted in the first reading on November 18. Apparently, the second reading of the bill will be amended, excluding the additional revenues from increase of insurance premiums in 2019, said the source in the government. Another “law-Sputnik”, which the government is directly offered to raise the contribution rate of the HIF from 5.1% to 5.9%, is still not considered by the Committee on the budget, though without its adoption by Council to provide additional revenue in the budget of the HIF is impossible.

On 15 November, the Duma Council decided to defer consideration of the “law of the satellite” at a later date, it is clear from the minutes of the Council, published in the Duma database. This is done at the request of the relevant Committee on the budget, follows from the document. “The law-satellite” Duma will not be accepted, says a source close to the presidential administration.