The state Duma will support the condemnation of the Sejm and Happy for criticism of the actions of the USSR

On 14 November the state Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, introduced a resolution condemning the Polish Sejm and the Ukrainian Parliament. On 20 October both Parliament adopted a joint Declaration of memory and solidarity, in which he considered the Soviet Union to the “aggressors”, started world war II. The paper argues that the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact concluded by the Soviet Union and Germany in 1939 led to the beginning of 1 September of the Second world war, and then to “occupation of Poland by Germany and the Soviet Union.”

The author of the decision of the Duma, first Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Konstantin Zatulin, said at the plenary session on Wednesday, November 30, the Parliament will support it. The adoption of the decision on Wednesday confirmed a source in the office of the faction “United Russia”.

In a resolution posted on the official website of the state Duma, said that Moscow “will refer to any attempt to rely on the fact of its adoption by third countries and international organizations as a hostile action against Russia with all the ensuing consequences for the relationship”.

Zatulin proposes to condemn the Polish-Ukrainian Declaration and appeal to the parliaments of Britain, France and the USA, so they also joined the statement of the Russian colleagues. According to the Deputy , the Duma will be “other forms of diplomatic influence” on the leaders of Ukraine and Poland that are engaged in “rewriting history”. About the severance of diplomatic relations is out of the question, “this is an extreme measure,” said Zatulin. Condemned the Duma can become and Lithuania, whose Parliament intends to join the Polish and Ukrainian colleagues, said the MP.

Political analyst Alexei Makarkin said that the decision Zatulin needed exclusively “for internal use” and such “documents condemning” the Russian Parliament adopts quite often.

“No consequences for relations between the two countries, it will not have — says the analyst. — Polish-Russian relations, after coming to power in Poland of right-wing is unlikely in the near future will improve.”

According to him, in the case of Ukraine in the state Duma hope to affect a certain part of Ukrainian society, but there is the impact of “significantly weaker than in 2014.”

The actions of the Russian deputies is a symmetrical response to the actions of Poland and Ukraine, but these countries adopted the Declaration in order to extinguish the conflict between countries in connection with the emergence of the film “Volyn”, said Ukrainian political analyst Vadim Karasev. According to him, the Russian state Duma to intervene in the situation, which has nothing to do with the country and in Ukraine it “will cause noise in the media”.