The Supreme court refused to cancel results of elections to the state Duma

Judicial Board of the Supreme court refused to satisfy the claim of the “Yabloko”, the correspondent from the courtroom. Representatives of the party requested to recognize the elections in the state Duma illegitimate, and cancel the decision of the Central election Commission (CEC) approval of the election results.

The lawyers insisted that the elections cannot be considered free and democratic, since they do not allow to establish the valid will of voters. According to them, the elections there were cases of fraud. The applicants have noted that candidates did not have equal access to elections and equal opportunities for agitation. A media agitating in favor of “United Russia” and against “Apple”, believe representatives of the party.

The lawsuit also stated that there was no “active reaction” of the CEC for defamation in the form of a fake newspaper “top secret” and leaflets handed out as unknown people and supporters of other candidates.

“Headquarters distributed Bagirov against us chernushnye leaflets. And his stand “Against *******” banned, considered offensive. By the way, they seized campaign literature, we then chased them, called the police,” — said Anna Kuznetsova, Deputy chief of staff Dmitry Gudkov, who was a candidate from “Apple” at the Tushino district. According to Kuznetsova, fake Newspapers appeared in Moscow at the end of the company, their publisher is unknown.

Representatives of the party stated that the state authorities interfered with the campaign: “Apple” in many regions denied approval meetings when pickets “United Russia” was carried out without administrative obstacles.

The lawyer of the “Yabloko” Alexey Suzyumov also told the court about the non-admission to work and illicit removals from the areas of candidates, observers and members of commissions with deliberative vote.

Political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov believes that the claim of “Apple” is an attempt to remind myself in the media. “Because “Apple” is somehow not completely closed the discussion within its ranks about the reasons for the failure of the party, is an attempt to get out of this discussion on the revision of the election results,” — said the expert.

The final results of the elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation adopted on 23 September. The Parliament passed the six parties: “United Russia” has received 343 mandate, the Communist party — 42, LDPR — 39, “Fair Russia” — 23, “homeland” is one and “Civic platform” — one. In the state Duma also passed the independent candidate from Adygea Republic.

24 November, the CEC announced the results of the verification on the complaint of “Apple”. The Commission came to the conclusion that the violations were minor and the result of the vote of the citizens is not affected.