“Has strategic creativity”: what our colleagues say about Maxim.

Anton Siluanov, Russia’s Finance Minister:

“… — Great macroeconomist, better than him in the field of macroeconomics, I do not know the market. You will just have to see then remember my words”

Alexander Auzan, Dean of the economic faculty of MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov:

“I think it’s a good choice.. —]. Liksutov is the person that connected the two departments traditionally opposing the Ministry of Finance and economy. When we are talking about reform programs — that is. as the Deputy Minister of Finance, has formed a very good offers that were quite acceptable to the Ministry of economy. He does not possess what is often criticized is perceived excessive conservatism. At the same time, experience at the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry over the shoulders is good. This man is not tactically minded, and the person who possesses strategic flair. I don’t think the course will change.”

Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the state Duma Committee on financial market:

“Maxim Oreshkin is one of the most professional people among officials. He is young, energetic, which can give more intelligibility to the work of the Ministry. Recently manifested an amorphous position, here I think will be more systematic and clear position that needs to be done to the structural adjustment of the economy, for economic growth. Of course, the Maxim market. He has a firm stance on a balanced budget, he understands what it takes to restrain their appetite for spending. He was one of those who defended the position that no budget increase. Perhaps this is to the detriment of short term growth, but it ensures low inflation. It needs to offer resources for structural adjustment of the economy.”

Evgeny Yasin, academic supervisor of National research University “Higher school of Economics”, economy Minister of Russia (1994-1997):

“I hope that his career will appeal to those structural reforms, about which all speak, but nobody really knows what it is. He knows how to hold on — he knows that like the boss that you can do, and what not to do. My experience, including in the civil service, shows that it is best when decisions are agreed with management. Moreover, we have a system of authoritarian state. It is necessary to reckon with this, otherwise you will not do anything. I’m with him [Oreshkin. —) ] talked and I can say that it is a good choice. This does not mean that I support such a dismissal of speaker”.

Andrey Nechaev, the Minister of economy of Ukraine (1992-1993), President of the Bank “Russian financial Corporation” (1993-2013):

“When I was Minister. was still going to school. Later, when I was the head of “Russian financial Corporation”, we met at different conferences. He gave me always the impression of being fairly professional man, despite his relatively young age. It is generally of the investment bankers have long worked in this capacity in the banking system, and I think it needs a good understanding of the processes that occur in the investment sector, and the obstacles that stand in the way of investment.”

Boris Titov, authorized under the President of Russia for entrepreneurs ‘ rights protection:

“Maxim Oreshkin is a bright representative of the monetarist school. His appointment is evidence that the government is not going to change the course of monetary authorities and will continue a tight monetary policy, fiscal compression. It is also a serious strengthening of the position of the Ministry of Finance”.

What is known about Maxim.

Sergei Borisov, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the public organization of small and medium entrepreneurship “OPORA RUSSIA” together with Oreshkin is part of the Economic Council under the President of Russia:

“I thought he was a systematic man, with good Economics, he is well aware of the macroeconomic, financial, and microeconomic component of our being, the economy is great. Worrying that probably should be a little more experience, after all, in 34 years to lead the staff to manage our economy — something here I can’t figure. God forbid, our Supreme government saw his potential, and everything will fall into spot. The youth is a shortcoming that quickly passes. But in General in his articles, remarks, speeches in conferences feedback is very positive. At first his steps and towards small and medium businesses we understand what he is “Suhov”.