Why should Russia supply to Tajikistan military equipment and weapons

Aid from Moscow

Of a large supply of aircraft and helicopters to Tajikistan said Wednesday, November 30, the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at a meeting with the head of the Tajik military Department, Lieutenant-General Sherali Mirzo.

“We have next year comes, perhaps, the key phase for military-technical cooperation on deliveries of weapons and military equipment, — said Shoigu, quoted by RIA Novosti. In particular, the large number of aircraft, planes and helicopters. I think that all this is done according to plan, in time. And, of course, would serve stability in the region.” Russia will continue to help Tajikistan and training of officers and specialists and Junior managers, said Shoigu.

About the plans of Moscow to Dushanbe rendering military-technical assistance became known in 2012. Russia had intended to spend about 70 billion rubles for the strengthening of the defense capabilities of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to ensure its own security amid the withdrawal of NATO coalition forces from Afghanistan, according to sources “Kommersant”.

In addition to the aircraft mentioned Shoigu, the Tajik military will receive communications, small arms and ammunition, artillery weapons and possibly anti-aircraft missiles. All equipment is on balance of the Russian Armed forces, said the interlocutors of “Kommersant”.

What specific aircraft will be delivered to Tajikistan, Shoigu is not explained, but it is likely to go on drums and military transport helicopters and aircraft attack aircraft designed to destroy ground targets, said the President of Academy of geopolitical problems Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov.

The expert added that these and other military supplies to Dushanbe can not be considered absolutely free of charge. Part of the cost, said Ivashov, Russia will cover the expense of discounts on the maintenance of its military facilities in Tajikistan. On the territory of the Republic hosted the 201st Russian military base (about 7.5 thousand) and mountain opto-electronic complex space control Window.

The fight against terrorism

The armed forces of the Republic of Tajikistan consist of ground forces, air force and air defense units as well as mobile troops (paratroopers). The total number of permanent staff of the Tajik army, according to the CIA and experts, is from 6 to 20 thousand people.

The main threat to Tajikistan and the whole Central Asian region today is the spread of terrorism from Afghanistan, said the military expert of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alex Leonov. It is in order to organized terrorist groups could not attack Tajikistan, Russia is helping the local army equipment and training, the expert explained. Now, I am convinced Leonov, the armed forces of Tajikistan, a state that in the case of direct clashes with organised terrorist groups, may not survive.

The training of local professionals is an important part of the programme of assistance to the Tajik army, experts say. According to him, the Russian weapons in the hands of the Tajik military without proper training may be ineffective.

“A good example is the Syrian army. In June it was a failed unit, but as a result of interaction with our advisors it became combat-ready units that retook part of Aleppo,” — said the expert.

The far line of defense

However, deliveries to Tajikistan of modern weapons and military equipment — the need, considers Lenkov. This is done in exchange for certain political steps on the part of Tajikistan — it is about creating on its territory, in the framework of the collective security Treaty (CSTO), the far frontier of defense of Russia in the Central Asian region.

Since Tajikistan is a member of the CSTO, the ability of the Tajik army is interested not only Russia, said the expert of Association of military political scientists Alexander perendzhiev. According to him, the state of the Tajik army affects the level of security of Belarus, Armenia, but first and foremost, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.