Yashin in court spoke about the concerns Nemtsov against Kadyrov

The Moscow district military court on Wednesday, November 30, questioned witnesses in the murder case of Boris Nemtsov, the correspondent reports. Testimony was given by the Chairman of the party PARNAS Yashin and the editor in chief of “Daily journal” Alexander Ryklin. To address Nemtsov constantly received threats, but “seriously” he feared only the Kremlin and Kadyrov, said Yashin in court.

“The main threat to the Germans expect from Kadyrov, he told me that. The last time we discussed the risks associated with criticism of Kadyrov, in late August-early September 2014, when Boris released a video where the Chechen security forces to cross the Ukrainian border,” — said Yashin. He added that the head of Chechnya doesn’t like to be remembered in a negative context.

According to the opposition, Nemtsov was a constant target of threats and hooligan attacks: “at a rally in Yaroslavl egg thrown in Moscow toilet on the car is dropped”. The son of a politician two years before the murder, was also threatened, said Vice-Chairman of Parnassus.

“Meaning threats “if you don’t stop to do politics you can get killed,” — said Yashin. According to him, the Germans turned to the police and went to meetings with the guard, but in ordinary life, travelled without an escort, by approaching the question “philosophically”.

Also a witness in the case was made by another ally of Nemtsov journalist Ryklin. He told about the threats policy on the part of Kadyrov in 2002 after Nemtsov spoke at the Congress of the Chechen people (it was discussed the Constitution of the Republic). According to Ryklin, the politician acted tough, and it’s not like the most part of the hall, which was the entire leadership of the Chechen Republic.

“There was a break, we went out to smoke, not far from us stood a group of young Chechens, which was Ramzan Kadyrov. 5 minutes later out flew a clear threat. Before the end of break we were approached with the protection of Akhmad Kadyrov [the father of Ramzan Kadyrov, President of Chechnya in 2002] and said that we better not spend the night in Chechnya”, — said Ryklin.

According to him, the head of the Republic gave them protection and together with her they went to spend the night in Ingushetia. “The threat of Akhmad Kadyrov, apparently felt from the youth, where was Ramzan,” said Ryklin.

However, the judge was asked not to take into account the jury a story about the threats Nemtsov in Chechnya in 2002, as it was long ago and related to the political activities, and the defendants were not accused of murder for political reasons.

Nemtsov was killed late in the evening of 27 February near the Kremlin. The killer shot him several times then fled in the car ZAZ Chance. The defendants in the case came from Chechnya, Zaur Dadayev, Temirlan Eskerkhanov, Khamzat, and brothers, Anzor and Shadid Gubareva in custody. In June 2016, the Investigative Committee completed the investigation of the murder of a politician. According to the investigation, accused for the murder of opposition leader was offered 15 mln., However, the lawyers, Olga Mikhailova and Vadim Prokhorov consider the crime unsolved, as the organizers and masterminds of the crime are not set

In December 2015 Yashin sent an open letter to Kadyrov in connection with the murder of Nemtsov. “I am ready to come to Grozny, I suggest you meet with me. I have a number of issues that you just do not like. In the power of the media you represent a person who is not afraid of direct conversation and uncomfortable questions. I hope you confirm this reputation,” wrote the opposition leader.

In April last year, the lawyer of the family of the murdered politician Vadim Prokhorov filed a petition questioning the President of Chechnya, however, the investigation was refused. At the end of the month, Kadyrov declared his readiness to testify in the murder Nemtsov in the case, if it helps the investigation.