FT learned about “secret negotiations” between Russia and Syrian opposition

Four members of the Syrian opposition from the Northern part of the country told the Financial Times that Russia and the representatives of the Syrian opposition under the mediation of Turkey are in Ankara talks on how to end the standoff in Aleppo.

“Russians and Turks are now negotiating without the United States. [Washington is] completely cut off from these negotiations and has no idea about what is happening in Ankara,” said one of the interlocutors FT.

As the newspaper notes, such negotiations may leave the Washington side from the most important conflicts in the middle East. While the parties have not reached any consensus, but the fact that they take place without the participation of the United States, emphasizes the changes in political reality in the middle East, the FT notes.

Despite the fact that this is not the first case of negotiations of Russia with the Syrian opposition, for the first time, they involve such a large number of opposition groups, told the newspaper another source.