Lavrov spoke about the hopes for a new foreign policy team trump

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow hopes that the new foreign policy team elected President of the United States Donald trump will make “concrete steps” to resolve the crisis in Russian-American relations.

“We hope that the new administration [in the United States. —] does not want to repeat the mistakes of the [authority. — ] goes and which deliberately destroyed the Russian-American relations. Of course, we welcomed the willingness to cooperate between our two countries, which showed trump during the election campaign. We were always available to build an honest pragmatic dialogue with Washington on all bilateral and global issues on the agenda, based on respect, equality, mutual interests and non-interference in internal Affairs”, — said the Minister.

Lavrov reminded that on 14 November the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and trump held the first telephone conversation, and it confirmed a willingness to work together to resolve the crisis situation in which there are relations between the two countries, and resolve current international issues, including the fight against the terrorist threat. “We hope that the emerging foreign policy team [trump. —] will make concrete steps in this direction and cooperation will be constructive,” — said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

Moscow understands, the Minister said that the restoration of full cooperation between the two countries is a complex task and that to overcome “destructive consequences of anti-Russian policy of the administration [of US President Barack. —] Obama will require serious effort on both sides.” “But, as noted by the President Putin, we are ready to assume their part of the way to bring Russian-American relations in a stable situation,” — said Lavrov.

“We assume that in the modern world the protection of strategic stability and security and an effective solution of key problems of the present largely depend on our two countries,” — said the Minister.

Russia and the USA there is also the possibility for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation in trade, investment, innovation and technology, said the Minister. In particular, according to him, Moscow is interested in increasing cultural and humanitarian exchanges and contacts between people. “In short, if there is a mutual desire, we have a lot of work”, — summed the Minister.

Earlier, on November 30, President Vladimir Putin said that with the election trump President of the United States has a chance to improve relations between Moscow and Washington they. He noted that normalization of relations are important “not only for the peoples of both countries, but also to ensure international stability and security.” In recent years, relations between the two countries deteriorated, said the Russian leader, adding that Russia is to blame.

Putin also spoke about on November 14th conversation with trump. Policy, said the Russian President, decided to work on improving relations between the two countries. “Our country is ready protium its part of the way,” he said.