Poroshenko said about the successful start of the rocket firing near the Crimea

In his Twitter the head of the Ukrainian state reported that exercises for launching missiles conducted, “despite the threat of Russia”. “Already received the first reports of a successful missile launches,” — said Poroshenko.

“No one can stop us, we will act in the interests of the Ukrainian people”, — said the head of the Ukrainian state.

As the channel “112 Ukraine”, the subject of the exercise Poroshenko also touched upon during the ceremony of the standard to the NSU battalion of Kulchitsky. He said that over the past 23 years the air defense system in the country was destroyed, and now it should be built. “I want to emphasize that launches happen in Ukraine’s airspace over the high seas in full compliance with international law. Aerial firing to happen regardless of any statements that Moscow does. The only reason that causes us to do these exercises, the need to be constantly ready for full-scale invasion on the part of our aggressive neighbor,” — said the Ukrainian President.

Also Poroshenko congratulated the citizens of the country with the 25th anniversary of the referendum in which the people of Ukraine voted for independence. “Now this we affirm to the battlefield in the war of aggression unleashed by the former metropolis,” — said the President.

Missile exercises over the Black sea began on the morning of 1 December. Originally, danger zone, which the Ukrainian authorities warned pilots had to address including the zone of responsibility of Russia in Western Crimea.

Later it became known that the NOTAM system, it was reported that the Russian military can destroy the Ukrainian missiles, if they will pose a threat to Russian objects, and also means you run them. The information that the corresponding note was handed over to the Ukrainian authorities, the newspaper “Vedomosti” confirmed the press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov.

On the night of December 1, the Ukrainian army has changed the boundary of the danger zone, calling it a “refinement in the direction of decreasing”. As explained in Kiev, and its Eastern edge is held in 27-30 kilometers from the North-West coast of the Crimea.

As reported in the morning of 1 December source Agency “RIA Novosti”, in the Black sea in connection with the Ukrainian exercise was out of the black sea fleet ships equipped with anti-aircraft systems capable of hitting including cruise missiles.

On the eve of the Agency TASS reported that the defense forces in the Crimea was transferred to the strengthened mode of service.