Protection asked to release convicted repost kindergarten teacher

Lawyer Alexei Bashmakov addressed in the Kurgan regional court with the petition for the immediate release of the kindergarten teacher Eugenia Chudnovets. She was sentenced to six months in a General regime colony for the repost of the video in social networks.

In the petition, a copy of which is available , provided that no one shall be considered guilty until the sentence comes into legal force. Change the measure of restraint in respect of Chudnovets protection considers it “premature, unjustified and unfair”. The court’s decision to enter into the teacher custody until the appeal is not motivated, and the complaint against the verdict could be delayed, said Bashmakov.

The defender stresses that Chudnovets have a small child who requires the care and custody. In this regard, he requested the court to release the convicted from prison before the hearing on the appeal.

Chudnovets was convicted of “Distribution of materials or subjects with pornographic images of minors”. The court also decided to refer her three year old son to child services “to address his fate in the civil proceedings”. Relatives of the condemned refused to comply with this requirement, the now teenage son lives with my ex-husband Chudnovets.

According to the TFR, the teacher did a repost in the social networks of the video, which was captured brutalizing a child in a children’s camp. She Chudnovets kindergarten explained in court that failed to pass, an egregious case of child abuse, wrote “the Media”.

In the debate, the Prosecutor’s office asked for Chudnovets five years in prison. On 30 November the first Deputy Prosecutor of the region Oleg Sedelnikov filed a complaint in which asked to vote for the governess punishment not related to deprivation of liberty.