Putin approved the new foreign policy concept of Russia

The presidential decree approving the concept of foreign policy of the Russian Federation published on Thursday, December 1, on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The foreign policy of Russia, the document says, is aimed at ensuring the country’s security, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, strengthening the rule of law and democratic institutions; to create favorable external conditions for sustainable growth and competitiveness of the Russian economy, its technological upgrade, enhance the level and quality of life of the population; to strengthen positions of Russia as one of influential centers of the modern world.

Other policies in the document are “the strengthening of Russia’s positions in the world economic system, the discrimination of Russian goods, services and investment”, and also following the policy of “strengthening international peace, ensuring universal security and stability,” the formation of good-neighbourly relations with neighbouring countries and promoting the elimination of hotbeds of tension.

The document also says about the necessity of developing multilateral and mutually beneficial relations with foreign countries and the extension of this cooperation “on a non-discriminatory basis,” and the strengthening of positions of Russian media in the global information space and bringing the Russian point of view “to the wider circles of the world community”.