Siluanov has called for maintaining flat income tax

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that he supported the retention of the flat rate tax on incomes of physical persons (NDFL). He stated this after the announcement of the message of President Vladimir Putin, correspondent .

Authorities will explore all the “pros” and “cons” when deciding on the scale of personal income tax, because this has both positive and negative sides, the Minister said.
“But we still for the stability of the tax system. I personally advocate that you do not change those tax positions on the income of individuals who have worked in recent years,” Siluanov said, noting that advocates for the preservation of the flat rate personal income tax.

In mid-October, Siluanov at a meeting with deputies from the Communist party said that we should get back to discussing the introduction of a progressive personal income tax after 2018, “when stabiliziruemost economic situation, when we present the budget… in a steady state” (quoted by RIA news).

President Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly proposed in 2017 to consider proposals for “setting up tax system.” In 2017, the President proposed to prepare and adopt, and in 2019 — to enact amendments to the Tax code. Putin noted that to do to reform the tax law needs with the involvement of business associations.

That decision to change the tax system needs to be adopted before the end of 2018, reported earlier this week, first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. After the announcement today of the message of Putin, Shuvalov did not talk about changes in the tax system announced by the President. He only stated that the government will fulfill President’s order.

In August the deputies of the state Duma from LDPR introduced a bill on amendments to the Tax code and replace the flat rate personal income tax at progressive. In September, “Vedomosti”, citing six Federal officials wrote that Putin made the decision not to change tax until 2019.