The deputies complained about the control over discipline in the state Duma

Since the beginning of the autumn session with the new speaker Vyacheslav Volodin has changed the schedule of work of the state Duma. In the last convocation deputies worked one week in the regions, another in the committees, and the remaining two remained for the plenary meetings. In the seventh convocation of the lower house introduced three weeks and one regional. Work in the committees, the deputies must now combine with the plenary.

Parliamentarians working in a regional week with voters in the far East, it’s tough due to jet lag, said a source in the faction of the liberal democratic party.

Much more comfortable to work in the regions for two weeks, said on condition of anonymity, the Deputy from “United Russia”. According to him, these inconveniences can be the reason for going into the Committee on rules, but it was not prepared. Deputies now can not attend the relevant events, if they are not in their areas, complained the second source in the faction of United Russia.

The new schedule affects the work with voters, which now are given less time,” confirmed the Deputy from the Communist party Alexey Chicken. According to him, it turns out “Galopom po evropam”. A Communist believes that the new arrangement would hit primarily the United Russia party, many of whom are billionaires. On November 28 the mandate of the resigned Alexander Skorobogatko, one of the richest state Duma deputies and partner of businessman Arkady Rotenberg.

The Deputy-spravoross Fedot Tumusov said that he feels difficulties due to the fact that there are fewer opportunities to speak at external events where he’s invited.

“I was invited to the opening of the plant. But the opening coincides with the day of the meeting. Now discussing with the organizers whether you can move, otherwise new rules will have to take time off at own expense”, — he said .

In the Committee on rules complaints to a new work schedule and requests to change it have been reported, said a member of the Committee of the United Russia Viktor Pinsky. According to him, the introduction of three weeks of plenary meetings was the decision of the leadership of the chamber and United Russia support it.

The new order of work of the Parliament and the monitoring of attendance “is absolutely justified because of the importance of the tasks facing the state Duma,” said a colleague of Pinsk in the faction of United Russia Anatoly Election. He does not expect any changes, and the number of dissatisfied with the new order of work “if there is, very little.”

An official in the apparatus of the state Duma said that no change order work Volodin no plans, “and six plenary meetings per month is quite a bit”.

The discontent of deputies of the new rules is understandable, since many people go to the state Duma, in order to be able to live a different life with a different income, said political analyst Igor Bunin.

“But knowing Volodin, I must admit that there probably “found a cut diamond,” and MPs will have to obey, not to change its position,” he added. Experts believe that the mass Exodus of the disaffected should not wait, because “psychologically, to abandon the mandate is very difficult, no it is not solved”.