The media learned about the failure of the state Duma from the idea to put governors for spending on PR

As “Vedomosti” last Tuesday the state Duma Council has supported the offer of profile Committee on state building and legislation on the return of the sponsors of the bill, envisaging criminal responsibility of governors for excessive spending on self-promotion. The solution, according to the newspaper, taken because of a violation of the regulations of the lower chamber in the decision of the Committee stated that the project is returned due to “lack of official responses of the government and the Supreme court.”

“We with all factions it was discussed and all agreed. Frankly PR bill,” — commented the decision of their colleagues, the Chairman of the Committee on state building Pavel Krasheninnikov (United Russia).

The initiators, according to the newspaper, could not clearly explain to her what happened with the project. “This is not our bill, we just joined the liberal democratic party in the sense that no criminal liability was not planned. This bill was kept on the agenda the fact that PR is a substitute for awareness,” said one of the authors co — chair of the Central staff of the Russian popular front (onf) Olga Timofeeva. Another author, Mikhail Degtyaryov (LDPR) — declined to comment.

The initiators, in addition, was also made by Alexander Yushchenko (CPRF) and Alexander Burke (“Fair Russia”). The authors proposed project was submitted in January of this year to punish officials for more than 1.5 million rubles. the cost of informing the public about their activities by fines up to 500 thousand rubles or imprisonment for up to five years.

As reminds the edition, even before the formal introduction of a bill to the state Duma in the feedback offered to replace criminal responsibility for administrative. The deputies made the document without the recommended changes. In April the Cabinet has prepared a positive opinion on the initiative, proposing to extend similar requirements to the leaders of local governments, however, the database of the lower house of a new version of the opinion did not appear.

The source of “Vedomosti” in the state Duma drew attention to the formally negative opinion of the Supreme court, noting that the bill is logical if to pay again, without the criminal part. Besides, the interlocutor of the newspaper, “initially important was not so much the fact that the adoption of such a law, but a political signal”.

According to him, currently, “the task is done, so no point to butt heads with the Supreme court no.” The theme of the governors of PR is no longer relevant, he added: “Where’s the PR of the governors after the story of the arrest [the interior Ministry Colonel Dmitry] Zakharchenko and [former Minister of economic development Alexei] Ulyukayev? If governors and will continue to plant, it’s not for PR”. Although this does not mean that the BIP will throw the subject of corruption, the source said.