The right course: the message was no place for political reform

Vladimir Putin Thursday, December 1, performed in the Kremlin with the annual Message to the Federal Assembly. His main political message — the need for reconciliation in the society. The specific plan of political reforms, and instructions to the government on this subject, in the President’s speech has not sounded. The President simply commented on international issues, focusing on the socio-economic problems of the country.

For a nation without vandals

His speech in the St. George hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, Vladimir Putin began with the need to pay more attention to the economy, social issues and domestic policy. The President referred to the “difficult conditions” in which to solve these problems. He thanked citizens who are “United around values, not because they are satisfied” but “because there is an understanding and willingness to work for the sake of Russia”. And declared the path to democracy has already begun: “I Believe that a course on the development of the political system of the institutions of direct democracy and increasing competitiveness of elections is absolutely justified, and we obviously will continue.”

Part of the message was dedicated to the last Duma elections. Putin reminded about the constitutional majority of United Russia, describing the party as the main pillar of the government in Parliament. According to the head of state, “the increased role of the state Duma as a representative body, and generally strengthened the authority of the legislature”.

He further raised the issue of the unity of the nation, which the President has raised on 31 October at the Council for interethnic relations, when proposed to develop a law on the Russian nation. It is impossible “to develop on dangerous ground state, which has lost the confidence of his government,” the President said. According to him, conflicts on religious, ethnic or social soils affect even prosperous countries.

As predicted by sources that the message touched on the theme of the revolution of 1917. “This is our common history. You need to treat it with respect,” the President said, adding that the lessons of history need for reconciliation and civil harmony, and the split “no drag” at the present time. “We are one people, one nation, and Russia is one” — this quote from philosopher Alexey Losev has caused an applause in a hall.

Not paid attention to Putin and recent conflicts of the Pro-government social activists with the opposition and cultural figures. “If someone believes themselves more advanced, more intelligent, considers himself smarter than someone, if you are respectful to other people,” — said the Russian leader. However, he called unacceptable and “counter-aggressive reaction”. “Especially if it results in vandalism and in violation of the law, — said the President. On these facts the state will respond harshly”.

The President also instructed the government to complete the formation of legal bases of activities of NCOs (30 November the state Duma adopted in the first reading a bill on state support of socially oriented NGOs), “do not pile up additional bureaucratic barriers”. “Don’t hide in offices and do not be afraid to talk to people” advised officials the head of state.

For “Sirius” and the talented youth

In the social sphere, the President proposed to solve the second and third shifts in schools, to attract the attention of young people to the history and creativity, and to create children’s parks. Putin noted that the country “need the whole “constellation” of such platforms”, as an educational centre for talented children “Sirius”.

As you know, this center was established by the Foundation “Talent and success” in 2014. Chairman and founder — cellist Sergei Roldugin, whose name became widely known in the spring of this year after appearing in the international press a series of materials about “Panamanian offshore”. The Board of Trustees of “Sirius” include Vladimir Putin himself, presidential aides Andrei Fursenko and Igor Levitin, head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino, Vice-premiers Dmitry Kozak and Vitali Mutko. In the conclusion of the Duma Committee on physical culture on the draft law on the budget for 2017-2019 said that the Fund will receive from the government 1 billion rubles.

The head of state promised to continue the construction of perinatal centres and offered to connect to high speed Internet for two years, as many hospitals and clinics, allowing physicians, even in the distant town or village to use the opportunities of telemedicine. In late November a working group under the presidential administration has developed a document, which contains measures for the development of e-medicine. It is expected that by 2018 a quarter of gasolines go to remote treatment. To establish the situation with healthcare in remote communities have ambulance aircraft, the President said. According to him, it will cover 34 in the region, and for the purchase of aviation services it is planned to allocate 3.3 billion rubles.

Putin actually stated that health is a fundamental sector for the whole economy, says the Director of the research Institute for health Organization and Medical management of Moscow David Melik-Guseinov.

State Duma Deputy Oleg Shein of a just Russia believes that for the first time in Putin’s message sounded specific and isolated measures in support of health and education.

For the partnership without the “didactic teachings”

The foreign policy part of the message was shorter than the other and take up less space than a year ago. Condemning the “biased information campaigns” and “didactic teaching” that “everyone already pretty tired,” the President expressed Russia’s willingness to cooperate with foreign partners.

“If necessary, we can someone to teach. But we are ready to participate in solving the world’s problems. We don’t want confrontation. We don’t need it. We are not looking for and never searching for enemies. We need friends, but we will not tolerate abuse. We will do to build their future without foreign tips. But determined to engage in dialogue,” he said.

Speaking of the United States, the President spoke in the same spirit as before: Moscow is ready to develop relations with the new American administration. “It is important to normalise and develop bilateral relations on equal and mutually beneficial basis,” Putin said.

The President mentioned China, India and Japan as countries whose relations with Russia can serve as an example. Last year, the three President is not separately allocated.

Speaking about the priorities in foreign policy, Putin recalled the traditional Russian approach to the construction of the world system, guaranteeing security and development for all countries and peoples, and not just for the elite, pointing out that a lot of time was lost after the end of the cold war.

Russia will continue to develop the integration Association, which involved — CSTO, SCO AND BRICS, and the priority continues to be the development of the Eurasian economic Union, the President said. He reminded the audience about the idea of forming a Large Eurasian partnership, which first declared the message a year ago. According to the head of the state has already begun its substantive discussion.

Deputy Shein said in his comments that the message never mentioned the Ukrainian issue.


Political analyst Nikolai Mironov believes justified forecast that this message technical. “Reforms and some specific steps the President announced, and it’s not surprising. In terms of budget cuts and economic decline them it would be impossible to implement, — said the expert. — The rest said a lot about the successes, the word “crisis” is still not used, structural changes will not. The message created a positive virtual picture, which is clearly designed for TV. But it doesn’t paint a picture of the future, although society is seriously disoriented, not understand what’s next”. According to Mironov, something the President will say no earlier than 2017, closer to the presidential elections, and the ideological leitmotif of his campaign may be mentioned the theme of the unity of the nation.

Political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko, in contrast, believes the message of “strategic”, where the selected priorities for the state agro-industrial complex, military industrial complex, IT. “Big election cycle ended with the election of the state Duma. Foreign policy is fairly stable, hence the main issue is the development of the economy, it Putin said, responded to the request of the society,” — said the expert. According to him, Putin mentioned the status of the Duma manifested in “quite competitive elections with a serious campaign” and the appearance of deputies from single-mandate districts.

The President positively evaluated the changes of the political system in past years, in particular, the transition to the new (mixed) principle of formation of the Duma, said Deputy Secretary of General Council of “United Russia”Olga batalina. Polls in September showed a low turnout, people are disappointed in the Parliament, and Duma adopts mainly the bills of the government, does not agree with her member of the Communist party Valery Rashkin.

Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov said that the message was almost entirely devoted to domestic policy: “first, the President said that to exit the crisis need the consent of the companies. He said that the need to celebrate the centenary of the Great October revolution. Putin first said that around the borders we need to have a friendly relationship. For the first time said that Russia needs high technology.” All this is political subject, the leader of the Communist party. The Communists complained that the President “did not touch the oligarchs, the taxes remain the same”. “So the national unity is not achieved”, — concluded Zyuganov.