Ukraine has started a missile to the West of the Crimea

Exercises over the Black sea began on the morning of Thursday, December 1, announced the TV channel “112 Ukraine” the head of the press center of Air command “South” Ukrainian army Vladimir Kryzhanovsky. According to him, the shooting is in full swing. They worked through the launch guided anti-aircraft medium-range missiles.

In turn, the head of Central command military-air forces of Ukraine Roman Urchila in an interview with the same TV channel said that the closest point of approach of the missile to the air space of the Crimea is not less than 30 kilometers. According to him, the Ukrainian military conducted exercises on its territory.

At the beginning of the exercise responded to the Russian military. According to a source “RIA Novosti” in the power structures of the Crimea, the black sea fleet went to sea and took up positions to the West coast of the Peninsula. Calculations of air defense at the time of the Ukrainian exercises are transferred to the strengthened mode of service.

That Kiev intends to conduct a missile firing, it became known on November 25. Rosaviatsia reported that the Ukrainian side has issued notification on the system alerts pilots of the NOTAM. Moreover, the document was referred to two danger zones, one of which is in the area of responsibility of Russia near the Crimea.

The Russian defense Ministry has protested the unilateral decision of Kiev to conduct exercises. In Moscow indicated that the Eastern boundary of the danger zone violates the limits of the territorial sea of Russia, which is a violation of international law.

Later it became known that the NOTAM system, it was reported that the Russian military can destroy the Ukrainian missiles, if they will pose a threat to Russian objects, and also means you run them. Information about what the corresponding note was handed over to the Ukrainian authorities, the newspaper “Vedomosti” confirmed the press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov.

Kiev statements Moscow called “hysteria”, and the Secretary of national security and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that the airspace of Russia in the Black sea “ends in the middle of the Kerch Strait”.