“We have ourselves who can teach”: 25 quotes from Putin’s message

Civil Concord

“Citizens United — and we see it, I must say thanks for that to our citizens, they have United around Patriotic values, not because all are satisfied that it suits them. No, the difficulties and challenges now missing. But there is an understanding of their causes, and most importantly — the confidence that together we will overcome. Their willingness to work for Russia, heart, genuine concern about her — that’s what underlies this Association.”

On the independence of the policy of Russia

“We have to solve all these problems (independent of preservation rate of the country. —) to complex, unusual conditions, as it happened many times in history. And the people of Russia once again proved that is able to respond to the challenges, to defend and protect national interests, sovereignty and independence of the country.”

About relations with the West

“In recent years we are faced with attempts of external pressure: in the course was put everything from myths about Russian aggression, propaganda, interference in foreign elections to the persecution of our athletes, including Paralympians. Customized information campaigns, the invention and the stuffing of compromising materials, didactic teaching, everyone is already tired of it, if need be, we do who should can teach.

We understand the extent of their responsibility and sincerely ready to make a decision in solving world and regional problems where our participation is appropriate, relevant and necessary. We do not want confrontation with anyone, we don’t need it, neither we nor our partners, nor to the world community. Unlike their foreign colleagues who see Russia as an enemy, we are not looking for and never looking for enemies, we need friends”

The most important of Putin’s message: that the President has charged to the government

On relations with Japan and China

“Again, I stress that the active Eastern policy of Russia was dictated not there are some tactical reasons today, not even a cooling of relations with the United States of America or the European Union, and long-term national interests and world development trends”

The lessons of the cold war

“We are committed to friendly, equal dialogue, to promote the principle of fairness and mutual respect in international Affairs, is ready to have a serious conversation about building a sustainable system of international relations of the XXI century. Unfortunately, in this respect, the decades since the end of the cold war, gone to waste”

Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) during a performance with the annual message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in the Kremlin

Photo: Mikhail Metzel/TASS


“We are ready to cooperate with the new American administration. It is important to normalise and develop bilateral relations on equal and mutually beneficial basis. Cooperation between Russia and the United States in addressing global and regional issues in the interests of the whole world.

We share responsibility for ensuring international security and stability, strengthening the regimes of non-proliferation [of weapons]. I would like to emphasize that attempts to break the strategic parity is extremely dangerous and can lead to a global catastrophe. Can not forget about it even for a second”

On elections

“I believe that a course on the development of the political system and institutions of direct democracy to enhance the competitiveness of the elections is absolutely justified, we are definitely going to continue it”

About The “United Russia”

“A special responsibility on the party “United Russia”, which today celebrates all the 15th anniversary. The party has a constitutional majority in the state Duma, is the mainstay of the government in Parliament, have to work together, to all promises, commitments to the citizens, was made”

About arrogance and rudeness

“Every injustice and wrong are perceived very badly. It is a General feature of our culture. Society rejects arrogance, rudeness, arrogance and selfishness from whom it all came, and all the more appreciative of such qualities as responsibility, high morals, caring about the public interest, the willingness to listen to others and respect their opinion. The principles of fairness, respect and trust are universal. We are staunch supporters of them, and as you can see, not in vain in the international arena, but to the same extent obliged to ensure their implementation within the country in respect of each person and of society.”

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An insult to the feelings

“Juggling words and hiding behind arguments about freedom, someone you can insult other people’s feelings and national traditions. If someone believes themselves more advanced, more intelligent — if you are respectful to other people, it’s natural. I also believe it is unjustified and unacceptable counter-aggressive reaction. Especially if it results in vandalism and violation of the law. On these facts, the state will rigidly react”

On freedom discussions

“I want to emphasize that in the culture, in politics, in the media and in public life in polemics on economic questions, no one can deny to think freely and openly Express its position.”

About the revolution

“We know what the consequences are of the so-called great upheaval. Unfortunately, in our country in the last century there were many of them. Coming in 2017 — the year of the 100th anniversary of the February and October revolutions. This is a powerful reason to confront the causes and nature of revolution in Russia. Not only for historians and scientists. Russian society needs an objective, honest, in-depth analysis of these events. This is our common history, you need to treat it with respect. This was written and an outstanding Russian, Russian philosopher Alexei Fedorovich Losev. We know the anxious years of struggle, lack, and suffering. But for the son of his homeland’s all their own, inherent, native”

About education

“School education meets the two basic tasks mentioned by another academician Likhachev: to give knowledge and to educate a moral person. The school must maintain the depth and fundamentality of education”

About dealing with people

“And once again I want to appeal to many of you (officials and politicians .) — no hiding in the offices, do not be afraid of dialogue with people, to meet honestly and openly talk to people, to support their initiatives. Similar issues are often addressed by officials behind the scenes, and the question arises whether the authorities have offered the best option. Isn’t it better to consult with people, to ask them how they want to see streets, yards, parks and promenades, sports and playgrounds?”

About the economic challenges

“Two years ago we faced serious economic challenges, unfavorable situation on the world markets, sanctions. We tried to make you dance to the tune of others, to neglect the fundamental national interests”


“We have ensured macroeconomic stability. Here, which is very important. Maintained financial reserves”

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

On protectionism

“We see that growing protectionism unfortunately. There are also trade barriers. I can share with you, we just recently met in Peru, in Lima, talked about the problems of world trade. One of the main problems is the growth of protectionism. But what does this mean for us? This means that you need more active and more determined to fight for access to foreign markets”

About bad banks

“Thanks to the consistent and determined work of the Central Bank, the banking system cleaned of firms that violate the law, rights of clients, conduct questionable financial transactions. The market has left many, in any case, weak players, the continuing recovery of the banking sector. All this is a good basis for fast strengthen the economy, promote lending to the real sector”.

About regional banks

“Small regional banks that perform the important function of lending to small businesses and individuals, carrying out, as a rule, the ordinary banking operations — of these banks could work with simplified requirements for the settlement of their activities. And no risks for the banking system as a whole is, of course, can not create, given their modest share in the whole banking system — only 1.5% of all Bank assets”

About business checks

“It is necessary to cancel the instructions that do not affect the quality of services, which do not affect the security of citizens, but at the same time the hands and feet associated business. I draw the government’s attention: regulatory and Supervisory agencies need to accelerate the implementation of an approach based on risk assessment, which will significantly reduce the number of audits and increase their effectiveness”

On corruption

“In recent years, there were many high-profile cases against officials of municipal, regional and Federal level. I would like to stress, the vast majority of government employees are honest, decent people, working for the good of the country. Neither position nor high nor his past achievements can not be a cover for unscrupulous officials. However, I would also like to pay attention to this: before the court decision no one has the right to issue verdicts about guilt or not guilt of a person”


“Now, I would like, dear colleagues, to appeal to many of you, I want to be heard, and the governors, and municipal authorities. I ask you, what is called, not to be greedy, not to give up the habit, on the thumb, the preference for solely state-owned structures, and to involve the performance of social services and non-profit organizations. Let’s just say, their eyes are not blurry, this is very important — caring attitude towards people.”

On the tax system

“We must Orient our tax system to make it work on the main objective: to stimulate business activity, economic growth and investment, create a competitive environment for the development of our businesses. Need to streamline the existing fiscal incentives to make them more targeted, eliminating ineffective tools”

On economic development

“I want to emphasize that the stabilization means automatic transition to sustainable development. If we do not solve the basic problems of the Russian economy, not start in full force new growth factors, years can hover near the zero mark. Initially we have to take a haircut, to save, to postpone its development, and this we can not afford”

About the national interest

“We will not tolerate infringement of their interests, neglect them. We all want and will to decide their own destiny, to build the present and the future without other people’s tips and unsolicited advice”

Putin instructed to prepare amendments to the Tax code
The President gave a message to the Federal Assembly, which included a lot of economic statements. Among other things Vladimir Putin has instructed the MPs to draft amendments to the Tax code and take them in 2018, they should come into force in 2019. These changes should be an incentive for the growth of business activity. Video: Channel