Authorities have found 200 billion roubles for loans to the regions

The authorities are ready to lend scarce regions 400 bn in next two years: in 2017 for the provision of the regions with budget loans will provided 200 billion roubles, as much again — in 2018, said two sources in the Duma faction of United Russia. It is exactly twice that suggested by the draft Federal budget submitted to the Duma by the government and adopted by Parliament in first reading.

Another source in the faction of United Russia did not rule out increasing the volume of loans to regions in 2017 up to 250 billion rubles. Amendment involving a significant increase of budgetary credits, for the second reading will be offered the leadership of United Russia, headed by the Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov, said the source .

United Russia, as in previous years, will contribute to the second reading of the budget package of about 50 amendments, says one of the interlocutors . Amendment of the budgetary credits to regions it will be one of the largest, he said.

The adoption of this amendment will allow regions to expect to receive from the Federal budget a total of 450 billion rubles in the next three years — 400 bn in 2017-2018 and 50 billion rubles in 2019 (this figure 2019 included in the initial draft budget, plans change it to the sides is unknown). Initially the three-year period the project was reserved only 250 billion rubles — less than would be granted to regions in one 2016 (338 billion).

The Finance Ministry expects that the regions that have received budgetary credits, will fulfill its obligations, such as complying with a sustainable debt policy, providing the budget deficit at no more than 10% of revenues excluding non-repayable receipts, phased reduction of the share of commercial debt, etc., follows from the project “Main directions of budget policy” for three years.

Until now, the government annually increases the volume of lending to the regions — so they helped to replace expensive commercial Bank loans and market loans on bonds. Now the Ministry of Finance deliberately planned to reduce the budget and lending, said loans instead of the planned increase in subsidies to the regions.

In contrast to budget credits, which, although provided at a minimum rate of 0.1%, but still be the duty of the region and refundable subsidies transferred to the regions free of charge. In 2017, the government planned to increase subsidies to the regions by 100 billion rubles to 614,6 billion rubles At the same level, the amount of subsidies is planned to be maintained in the next two years, should the project budget and materials to him. “Given that provide loans are debt obligations, although requiring minimal servicing costs, increase volume of grants for leveling the budget supply of constituent entities of the Russian Federation have a positive impact on balance of regional budgets and debt dynamics of regions”, — explained the meaning of the maneuver, the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

But the deputies insisted on the adjustment of the plans of officials: in the first reading of the draft budget Council has requested its budget Committee, together with the government to find additional funds for “a substantial increase in the planned provision from the Federal budget budgetary credits” to the regions were able to refinance debt that must be repaid in 2017-2018. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said during the first reading of the budget in the Duma that the provision for the government will be found.

The total additional appropriation for the budget loans to the regions, the leadership of the United Russia faction agreed on during a meeting with the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the party Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, November 28, said the source .