Bloomberg found out about the night’s conversation with Novak before entering into the transaction OPEC

The conversation with Novak Minister of energy of Saudi Arabia Khalid al-Valicom took place on the night of 29 November, reports Bloomberg, citing officials and Ministers, directly involved in the negotiations on the reduction of oil production. According to the Agency, during the conversation, Novak has promised that Russia will reduce oil production and not freeze its level, as previously assumed.

Novak suggested that al-Palau that Russia has taken over half of the total reduction of oil production that OPEC demands from outside the cartel countries. In response, he promised to exert pressure on members of the organization, so they agreed to the cuts.

The representative of the Ministry of energy at the time of writing not responded to the request .

Reuters on 1 December, citing informed sources reported that the key role in the conclusion of the transaction of OPEC to reduce oil production belonged to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, who allegedly acted as an intermediary between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

30 November, the OPEC members in Vienna agreed to reduce daily oil production cartel by 1.2 million barrel. to 32.5 million barrels. The total reduction of production in countries outside OPEC, should be 600 thousand Barr./day. After the transaction, Novak said that Russia in the first half of 2017, will cut production by 300 thousand barrels./a day to 11.2 million barrels. The Minister also noted that all Russian oil companies agreed to cut production.