HRC admitted the fact of violence against Ildar Dading

The presidential Council on human rights (HRC) published a report on the conditions of detention of the activist Ildar Dading in the Karelian corrective colony No. 7. In November Dading in an open letter said that in the colony he is beaten, and the administration of the colony is threatened. In the report the fact of torture is confirmed.

After the publication of the letter of the Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) and the Department of the Investigative Committee of Karelia has promised to conduct an audit, the convict visited the Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova, which declared the expediency to transfer the Dading in another colony. On 24 November the European Parliament called for “immediately and unconditionally” release opposition and stated the need for an independent investigation of the claims, the Dading of torture. November 28, Deputy Director of the FSIN Valery Maksimenko called convict “is a very talented simulator with great artistry and a stunning imagination.”

Dading became the first Russian to be sentenced to real term of imprisonment on charges of violating the order of holding rallies. In 2015, he was sentenced to three years in prison, later the Moscow city court reduced the sentence to 2.5 years. From 11 September to 11 October Dading 7 times subjected to penalties, including three times in the punishment cell for 15 days. On December 1, it became known that Dading spend in the cell-type premises (PKT) Karelian IR-7 months later — there he was placed over a fight, reported in the management of the Federal penitentiary service for the Republic of Karelia. In the colony the opposition is considered a “malicious violator of the established order of serving of punishment”, the report shows.

The explanations of convicts Karelian IR-7 and the behavior of the administration testify about the authenticity of the described events Davnym the report of the Council on human rights (HRC). Report read at the Federal service of punishment execution (FSIN). With him, according to the Chairman of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov, was also to see in the presidential administration.

The material was prepared by the members of the HRC, head of the Committee for the prevention of torture Igor Kalyapin of the Committee against torture and other member of the Council, the head of the international human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov. On 7 November, the members of the HRC in the presence of human rights activist Valery Borshchev interviewed the Dading in the colony, and the next day, talked with prisoners, including those who contains in a penal insulator (SHIZO). The conversation was conducted without the presence of the representatives of the prison administration. Human rights defenders also studied videos in the colony and spoke with the leadership of the UFSIN for the Republic of Karelia.

The report includes a description of the beatings, as well as a copy of the rewards and punishments of the convicted, Dading, a copy of the explanation of the Dading to the President of the HRC Fedotov (6 sheets), pictures punishment cell and the circuit pattern of the cooler, made by the opposition.

No video

According to the internal instructions of the Federal penitentiary service, members of the colony needs to store video from surveillance cameras during the year, with the Registrar not less than 30 days, but in the IR-7 defenders of the video refused to give. Video could deliberately hide from the members of the HRC and the Commissioner for human rights, concluded the authors of the report.

The Deputy head of the UFSIN for the Republic of Karelia Alexei Fedotov, human rights activists, tried to introduce the members of the HRC misled about the timing of the store video. Kalyapin and pins contrary to the original agreements has not received documents from the personal file of the Dading. Because of this it is impossible, says Kalyapin, to assess the legality imposed on the Dading penalty: four penalty cite the example of human rights defenders, Dading received “rude and insensitive treatment of employees.”

“The totality of the objective evidence described Davnym action, as well as statements about the legality of the conduct of staff IR-7, install failed” — note Kalyapin and pins. Thus on the eve of talks with the HRC, prisoners were warned against excessive frankness with human rights defenders. All these facts allow us to conclude about the intention of staff to withhold information, the report. Therefore, human rights activists, the unwillingness to provide information materials on the use of force and the absence of video evidence against the prison administration.

The testimony of the opposition

On the evening of 11 September, Dading silently were beaten by three other members of the colony, and then promised to rape, the explanation of the opposition which appear in the report. Later, six officers beat the Dading again, and then stuck his head in the toilet and again used violence, the report said.

The next day, the Dading after a request to invite the Prosecutor put on his knees and took off his pants, the report shows. While the opposition leader was hung by handcuffs — in November human rights defenders found on the wrists from the Dading old oblong scars. The members of the HRC found described Davnym latches on the doors of the pleasure chambers. One of the prisoners explained that hung on several interlinked handcuffs.

Dading told human rights defenders that after prison staff took off his pants and began to discuss whether to call the convicts to rape him, he had to agree to sign documents without looking.

The testimony of the other prisoners

Respondents Kalapini and Sicovam prisoners confirmed that IR-7 torture is practiced. In solitary, prisoners are marked, the “lube” concluded tuck my head into the toilet and beaten with a hammer. The inspection of internal areas of the cooler members of the HRC confirmed the presence of several large speakers. The employees themselves IR-7 is not denied that included loud music.

The report States that former prisoners IK-7 told me about a similar punishment on the part of employees of a colony — the hand-wringing, twine, Patriotic songs, a cold torture. “When winter comes, there turn off the heating, open the door to the street and leave you in your underwear sit. Can pull into the yard — 25 degrees of a frost, and you sit there for six hours,” says a former prisoner.

The Board of the HRC

Kalyapin and pins suggest to translate the Dading in another prison closer to Moscow, although the Dading from the translation refused. He said that solidarity does not want to leave the other prisoners, who also, like him, were tortured, but nobody knows about it. Defenders recommends that the Prosecutor’s office of Karelia to inspect the colony, and the Republican Investigative Committee to request the video, to speak to the prisoners and to provide them with Pro Bono. You must allow Muslims to eat Halal food, says Kalyapin. According to the authors of the report, the Karelian Public Supervisory Commission for places of detention should re-visit the prisoners and to talk with prisoners without guards.