In the state Duma has not coped with a record number of bills

“Demonstration effectiveness”

In plenary on Friday, 2 December, the state Duma has considered approximately 30 bills of the 141-th included in the agenda. The situation is similar to November 30: last Wednesday, the parliamentarians reviewed only 33 of the 124 document.

So many issues on the agenda is “a record”, said Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” in the Duma, Andrei Isayev. “This is largely the legacy of previous convocations, we have a lot of bills left, more than 2 thousand that we are somehow in accordance with the Constitution will have to consider it,” he told reporters before the meeting on Friday. “This is not window dressing. Just need to work”, — said Isayev .

According to him, to expedite the bills decided to look under the shortened procedure according to a special article of the regulations of the state Duma. It States that the usual order of consideration of bills does not apply to documents that are recommended to the deviation you made in the previous convocations or considered without the participation of the initiator.

As told by another United Russia, the task is to include in the agenda of such a number of bills set by the leadership of the Duma fraction “United Russia” to show the efficiency of the new Parliament. This is confirmed by the source in the staff of the lower house.

The problem is that plan members do not handle, Isaev sees it: “Take as you will. Work up to 18 hours,” he said.

Legislative “itch”

At the beginning of each meeting appears this “itch” is the desire to rid bills of the previous convocation, said a source in the Committee on rules. According to him, “[speaker of the Duma Sergei] Naryshkin that, too, will soon pass”. This is a “temporary phenomenon,” agreed first Deputy head of the Communist party faction Sergei Reshulsky. “If this goes on, pending bills will accumulate and you will need to hold an extraordinary meeting” — ironically Communist.

Vice-speaker from LDPR Igor Lebedev has considered a stupid question about why the Duma puts in the agenda a record number of bills that do not have time in the end to consider. “Put to consideration”, — he said.

“Why are these Stakhanovite methods of United Russia, I don’t understand. Need to work on efficiency of laws and not on the number of received”, — said the first Deputy head of fraction spravorossov Alexander Burkov.

Political analyst Konstantin Kalachev confirms that due to accumulated bills the plan of work of the Duma is indeed “very intense”. “I think the numbers completely reflect the efficiency of parliamentary work. The number of laws that they consider the limit of the possible, — said the expert. — The amount of money is transferred only in Marxist-Leninist philosophy, but to clean up the rubble of the new convocation in any need”.