Kiriyenko changed Volodin adopted when the management structure of the regions

Within the office of the President for domestic policy (Ohr), which oversees the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko, there will be changes. Until the end of the year, the Ohr will appear the Deputy chief, who oversees elections in the region. In the structure control of the Deputy who is responsible for regional policy in General. For this area will meet personally the chief of Department of internal policy Andrey Yarin, said a source in the Kremlin.

This management structure will be different from the scheme that existed under the former curator of the political block of the Kremlin Vyacheslav Volodin. If initially after his arrival in the Kremlin in the composition of the Ohr were two deputies in the territories — one was in charge of direct elections in the regions, the other engaged in the current regional agenda, with the end of 2014, the structure has changed. The Deputy chief of Department Tatyana Voronova, which was responsible for the elected territory, was in charge of both regional policy.

The decision about combining one Deputy two functions are the interlocutors in the Kremlin explained by the fact that Voronov had sufficient competence to answer for both directions. Prior to joining the Kremlin she was elected to the legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region, and later worked in the CEC, where she had to travel a lot across regions, and, accordingly, she understood the problems of the subjects, said sources .

In the spring of 2015 Voronov became the chief of Department of internal policy, and replaced it on a post of the Deputy Igor Depakin continued to combine both functions of the regional supervision. In October of this year he left the Kremlin, becoming the Manager of the state Duma under the new speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. His position in the UVP vacant until now.

“Strong regionalist” in the Kremlin

A source in the Kremlin said that the decision to designate Deputy for the regions of the person who will be responsible directly for the elections in the regions, due to the fact that it is now responsible for this area in the structure of Ohr no. After the appointment of a new Deputy in the office would be created the unit that will be responsible for the election campaign in the regions.

With regard to regional policy in General, it is, according to the source , will be able to supervise the chief of Department of internal policy Andrey Yarin as “strong regionalist”.

Political analyst Dmitry Orlov said that the decision to introduce the post of Deputy responsible for regional campaigns and supervision over regional policy in General, to secure for the head DIP, is quite logical: “All the previous heads of Department — Oleg Hovorun, Oleg Morozov, Tatiana Voronova — studied regional policy in the regular mode. In this sense it can be claimed the experience and competence of Yarina, who has worked in various positions in the regions and at the Federal level (his previous post — zampolpreda CFO, who oversees domestic policy)”.

As for the elections, the expert said, “every election campaign is a project”. Accordingly, Deputy for elections will need a person, “design thinking”.

Governors will appreciate in new ways

In addition to changes in the distribution system supervision, Kiriyenko introduces another innovation: according to a source in the Kremlin, is currently developing new criteria for evaluating the activities of the governors. They will be based on the economic performance of the region and the electoral ratings of the head of the subject. Now, says a source in the Kremlin, a number of studies in these areas.

At the end of this — early next year, according to the results of this work to President Vladimir Putin will be presented with three lists of regions — those where governors have a good performance and then to send the heads of subjects in the resignation is not necessary; those where the indicators are unsatisfactory and governors should be changed; and regions, the heads of which are not obvious positions, says a Kremlin source .