The lower house of the U.S. Congress banned the Pentagon to cooperate with Russia

The house of representatives of the United States Congress adopted the draft defense budget for 2017 fiscal year. In the document published on the website of the Congress established a ban on the allocation of funds for bilateral military cooperation between the U.S. and Russia.

In particular, the document States that to allocate funds to military cooperation between the two countries is prohibited as long as the Pentagon does not assure the Congress that Russia “stop the occupation of Ukrainian territory and its aggressive activities that threaten the territorial integrity of Ukraine and its sovereignty, as well as members of NATO” but also “to comply with the terms of the Minsk agreements on ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine”.

When “certain conditions,” the ban may be lifted, the document says.

In addition, the draft law prohibits the allocation of funds for “any activity that recognize Russian Crimea”. The ban may be lifted, if the defense can convince Congress that this is done in the national interest of the United States.

The document was adopted on Friday, December 2, 375 votes to 34.