Lavrov commended the new U.S. proposals for Aleppo

The Minister said at a press conference in Moscow after talks with his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida.

“John Kerry at our meeting with him in Rome and gave us suggestions that are in line with approaches that have long otstaivaya our experts at the negotiations”, — quotes “Interfax” the Minister of.

“We are more than willing to send our military experts and diplomats in Geneva, together with American colleagues to agree with the American proposals such joint action that will ensure the departure of all militants, without exception, from Eastern Aleppo, allow unhindered humanitarian supplies to residents of the city and which will provide for the establishment of normal life in Eastern Aleppo,” the Minister added.

The Minister stressed that this needs to be negotiated “to identify the specific timing of all those steps that are required to overcome the crisis in the East of Aleppo and to release him from the militants.”