Savchenko, accused Russia of readiness “to reach the UK”

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko believes that if the West won’t intervene, Russia “will not stop at Ukraine”, and arrange “a full-scale invasion, which could result in the UK.” Such a statement Savchenko made in the air kanadskogo TV channel CBC.

In particular, Savchenko said that “ambitions” of Russian President Vladimir Putin “is not confined to Eastern Ukraine.” According to her, if the West does not intervene, Russia will begin full-scale invasion, which “may end in the UK.”

“We need to have principles to defend. In particular, this policy led to the First and Second world wars. We need to be prudent in the future to prevent these types of conflicts. If we are not farsighted, we will face a third world war” — leads the channel the words of Savchenko.