Trump spoke with the President of Taiwan in defiance of China

Elected President of the United States Donald trump talked on the phone with the head of Taiwan Cai Invent, the Associated Press reports. According to the Agency with reference to the transition team trump, the Taiwanese leader congratulated the new us leader on his election victory. Who exactly initiated the call, is not specified.

Later, trump said in his Twitter that the initiator was Cai Inven. “The President of Taiwan called me today to congratulate on his election victory. Thank you!” — he wrote.

“During the conversation, they [trump and Cai Inven] noted the close economic and political ties, as well as communication security between Taiwan and the United States. The newly elected President of the trump congratulated President Cai Inven on his election as Taiwan’s President earlier this year”, — underlined in the message.

According to a statement from Taiwan’s presidential office, Reuters writes, the leaders discussed the “strengthening of bilateral cooperation and development of closer cooperation between the parties.” The conversation also took part the head of the national security Council of Taiwan, Joseph Wu and foreign Minister of Taiwan, David Lee, said the office Cai Inven.

The white house found out about this conversation after it took place, said a senior source in the presidential administration of Barack Obama. The Chinese Embassy in Washington did not respond to a request for comment on the incident.

The Agency notes that the decision of trump, “without a doubt will incur the wrath of China.” For decades, the problem of the status of Taiwan is “one of the most sensitive issues in relations between the US and China.” “This is extremely unusual — perhaps even unprecedented — for a U.S. President or President-elect to speak directly with the leader of Taiwan” — emphasizes the AP. It explains that Washington since 1979 followed a policy of “one China,” under which the United States recognizes Beijing as the representative of China and refrains from informal ties with Taiwan.

Taiwan split from China during a civil war in 1949. The United States recognized the Chinese position on sovereignty, but considers the status of the island “unresolved”. Although the United States has no formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan, they have “unofficial relations”, notes the AP, in particular, the Taiwanese government has an office in Washington and other American cities. In addition, the US has “legal obligations”, says the Agency, “to help Taiwan to maintain its ability to defend itself”.

Held call, according to AP, is the most illustrative example of how trump “neglects diplomatic conventions after winning the election on 8 November”. Apparently, phone calls trump holds “without instructions, which usually provides the state Department,” the Agency said.

Cai Inven was elected President of Taiwan in January and took office in may. Her party advocates Taiwan independence, which exacerbated relations with Beijing, writes AP.