FSB has reported about the elimination of the leader of the ISIS branch in the North Caucasus

In a special operation held on 3 December in Dagestan, the FSB in Russia and law enforcement officials killed the leader of the branch of the “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and banned) in the North Caucasus, Rustam Aselderov . This was reported on the official website of the FSB.

We are talking about a terrorist group banned in Russia, “the wilayat of the Caucasus”. The FSB reports that along with Aselderov security forces eliminated “four militants of his closest associates.”

The special operation was held in the village of Talgi Leninsky district of Makhachkala on the afternoon of 3 December. During the RAID, law enforcers blocked a house, where militants were hiding.

“In the process of negotiations on the offer to surrender militants open fire with automatic weapons on law enforcement officers. As a result of retaliatory fire, the criminals were injured, incompatible with life”, — stated in the message of the FSB.

At the scene of the collision, law enforcement authorities have discovered weapons and “a large quantity of ammunition and explosives”. Injured during the RAID there.