The former candidate in US presidents refused a recount

Former candidate for US presidents from the green Party and the initiator of the recount of votes in three States Jill Stein abandoned his ideas in Pennsylvania. It is reported by The Associated Press citing a statement of the Stein.

She withdrew a court petition a few days later after the court ordered plaintiffs to pay $1 million to December 5 for further hearing. In a statement, Stein said that the initiative of the party was supported by ordinary people, who have no opportunity to collect such a sum in such a short time.

However, the party representatives said they will seek a review of the results of the elections on the whole territory of Pennsylvania, but only in some polling stations. Itself Stein called the requirement to make more money, “outrageous.” “This is another indication that the outdated election law in Pennsylvania aimed at voters,” — said the former candidate for presidents of the United States (quoted by

The United States presidential election was held on 8 November. As a result, the democratic candidate Donald trump has scored the greater number of electoral votes than his opponent from the Democrats Hillary Clinton. Stein filed a petition to recount votes in three States — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Traditionally, these States supported the Democrats.

However, Michigan during the revision of voters last week approved the winning trump. He was ahead of his rival in the 10 thousand 704 votes received 16 electoral votes.

Wiscnosin agreed to review the election results. Last week, Stein gave the electoral Commission the state $3.5 million on the recount.

Donald trump called the Stein petition for reconsideration of the election results a “fraud.” According to him, “the loser has already conceded defeat, and the results of these elections need to respect and not to challenge and criticize them.” However, at the headquarters Clinton supported the initiative.