The media learned about the development of a British government plan to “gray” Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa may approved the drafting of a secret plan for so-called “grey Brexit”, which aims to ensure that the UK has avoided a radical scenario of exit from the European Union, writes The Sunday Times, citing sources in the British government.

The plan must meet the requirements and supporters of leaving the EU, and adversaries. According to interlocutors of the newspaper, David Davis, who is the British Secretary for withdrawal from the EU, and Philip Hammond, Chancellor Kaznacheyeva, formed a “small group”, designed to make “hard release” of the UK leaving the EU could have been avoided.

Currently we are talking about how to enter payments in the EU for “certain benefits” that can provide Brussels, instead of to make “payments on General grounds,” said the sources.

In June, at the referendum for the withdrawal of Britain from the EU voted 51,9% of the votes, opponents Brexit was of 48.1%.

London’s high court in November ruled that the UK government does not have the right to put into effect article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, that is, to begin the formal process of leaving the European Union. The solution must first pass through a discussion and voting in Parliament.

May during a business trip to India appealed to MPs and peers who oppose withdrawal from the EU, and urged Parliament “to accept the decision of the people”, that is to approve the withdrawal of Britain and the EU. The Prime Minister warned that if the government appeal is dismissed in the High court of London and the government will have to wait for the approval from the Parliament, Britain will eventually get worse scenario.