Medvedev has proposed to repay the debts under the salary before tax

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev after discussing the situation with wage arrears in the country gave a number of instructions to ministries and departments and heads of regions. The meeting took place on 25 November, but the decision on its results was published on the government website on Saturday, December 3.

One of the orders was the requirement to consider the amendments to article 855 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.

Agencies have until March 15 to report on the feasibility of “the establishment of the preferential satisfaction of the requirements for the transfer of funds from accounts in banks for calculations on payment with persons, working under an employment contract, prior to requirements for the listing of debt on payment of taxes and fees in budgets of budgetary system of the Russian Federation”.

This should be done by the Ministry of labor, Ministry of economic development, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of justice with participation of the Supreme court, General Prosecutor’s office, Investigative Committee and the Central Bank.

The Prime Minister instructed to study the feasibility of several measures to combat wage arrears. Among them is the establishment of personal responsibility of the owner of the organization, granting the regions the right to recover arrears of wages at the expense of reserve Fund of the subject and the creation of a Fund for the repayment of wage arrears of bankrupt enterprises.

In addition, Prime Minister instructed to consider the prescription of state labor inspector, received the status of Executive document, which will give the possibility to deduct funds from the accounts of the organization-debtor.

The heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation is entrusted to strengthen control over the repayment of arrears of wages and to prevent its occurrence in the future.

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets after the meeting said that to fix a problem with debts on a salary will take about two years. “If we can nullify the wage arrears? Probably, this will require at least two years. This is a very old debt, they have a very complicated financial nature,” she said. Golodets noted that during the November 25 conference call under the leadership of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev relevant agencies have been instructed within a month to prepare “clear proposals” to address this problem.

Medvedev called then the question of payment of arrears of salary “extremely resonant” theme and urged heads of regions to take it under personal control.

According to Rosstat, on November 1, 2016, the total wage arrears amounted to 3 billion 790 million RUB during the previous month it increased by 132 million rubles.