Ministry of defense announced the death of the second medrabotnitsy after shelling in Aleppo

Wounded in the shelling of a hospital in Aleppo army-medic died, said the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov.

“The Russian soldier, the medic, were seriously injured in the shelling by militants of the “opposition” emergency Department of the hospital of the Ministry of defense in Aleppo, died of his wounds. Russian and Syrian doctors have taken everything in their power to save her. However, severe injuries were not compatible with the life of a soldier” — he said (quoted by TASS).

Currently, doctors are fighting for the life of another victim in the shelling of a health worker — children’s pediatrician, said Konashenkov.

Russian defense Ministry demands from international humanitarian organizations strongly condemned the murder of Russian physicians, said Konashenkov. “We demand from the world community and the International movement of red cross and red Crescent societies, “Doctors without borders” and other international organizations strongly condemned the deliberate murder of the Russian military physicians who were carrying out their medical duty to assist civilians in Aleppo”, — said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

“The crime fighters of the so-called opposition will be investigated. All the performers and their customers should bear proportionate responsibility for the deaths of Russian doctors”, — he added.

Shelling mobile hospital in East Aleppo, which led to casualties, were committed earlier Monday. As reported, the Ministry of defense, mine came to the emergency Department of the hospital. The shelling, according to the Agency, was carried out by “opposition fighters”.

“The blood of our soldiers lies in the hands of the customers of this murder. Those who created, nurtured and armed these beasts in human form, calling them to justify to their conscience and voters — the “opposition”. Yes, you, gentlemen, patrons of terrorists from the U.S., Britain, France and other sympathetic countries and entities,” — said Konashenkov.

As told the correspondent of TV channel “Russia 24”, the militants carried out the shelling of the southern part of Eastern Aleppo sighting. First Mina, he said, exploded near the receiving branch of the Russian mobile hospital, and the second fell directly into the tent, where the reception of patients from Eastern Aleppo.

Russia Today reported that a journalist of Arab television channel RT Somar Abudiab was slightly injured in the shelling. According to the channel, Abudiab “in the Russian pool photographed the aftermath of the shelling of the hospital in the district of al-Furqan, when the shelling resumed.”