Prime Minister of France announced his intention to run for President

The Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls declared that resigns from his post and intends to take part in the fight for the presidency as candidate of the Socialist party, according to Reuters.

“Yes, I am a candidate for the President of the Republic,” Valls said during his speech in the city hall of Evry, near Paris.

That Waltz is going to make an official statement to the press at city hall of Evry, previously announced the official residence of the Prime Minister.

Valls joined the Socialist party of France. He was born in Spain, and the French received citizenship at the age of 20 years. Before becoming Prime Minister of France in the government of françois Hollande, two years was the Minister of internal Affairs of the country. He was twice elected to the National Assembly in 2007 and 2012, and before that two terms was the mayor of évry, where on Monday made a statement, and was re-elected for the second time, received the support of 70% of residents.

The post of Prime Minister of France, he took in 2014, when, after the defeat of the socialists in municipal elections in several cities of the country Francois Hollande dismissed from the post of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault.

To compete for the presidency as the candidate of the socialists, the Waltz must win in the party elections, scheduled for January 2017.

The socialist leader and incumbent President Francois Hollande in early December announced that it will not fight for the presidency in elections in 2017.

Presidential elections will be held in France in April and may 2017. The Republican primary to the right “Republicans” ended with the victory of françois Fillon, who was Prime Minister of France under former President Nicolas Sarkozy. It is expected that along with Fillon for the presidency in the spring of 2017 will fight the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen.