Putin called worthless words depending on buyers of gas from Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with the workers Eterno, OOO in Chelyabinsk called not having a reason “idea” the statement that those who buy Russian gas, fall into dependence on Moscow.

“There is absolutely not groundless idea that those who buy our gas, become dependent on Russia. This is absolutely stupid, worthless argument, because this mutual dependence,” he said (quoted by TASS).

The head of state added that in this case we are talking about “interdependence”. “If our customer becomes dependent on the seller for us — we also find ourselves at the mercy of the buyer. Because the gas pipe — it is designed for a specific recipient, and thus we also become addicted”, — Putin said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

He added that a number of transit countries objected to the project “Northern stream-2”, as you would lose the benefit in the form of transit fees. “But in the end the cost of transit falls on the buyer, the final price,” — said the head of state.

Speaking of the “Nord stream-2”, the Russian President noted that none of the participants expressed no desire to leave. “Despite difficulties that lay in the fact that Poland has not given permission, all participants in the project remained primarily foreign — German, Austrian companies”, — said the head of state. Everyone wants to work, and he has no doubts that this project will be implemented, concluded Putin.

The President also said that Gazprom supplies Europe with a record for Russia and the Soviet Union amounts of gas. “We are able to provide for himself, and even the growing needs of the Russian economy, and our partners, — said the head of state. — Now, few people know about it, it has not publicly say, Gazprom supplies Europe with as much gas as has never supplied neither Russia nor the Soviet Union.”