Putin said the desire to “successfully complete your career”

President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with employees Eterno, OOO in Chelyabinsk said that he expects to successfully finish his career and wants to travel, reports “Interfax”.

One of the workers asked the President a question of which he has a dream. “I want to successfully finish my career”, — said Putin. Responding to a question about whether he has a hobby that he’d like to do, the President admitted that “loves to travel”.

“Today, all my trips down to the fact that I’m in the airport, he move in a room, then back to the airport, that’s kind of where-that went,” — said Putin. According to him, he would like to travel “differently”, “to look on nature, historical sights”.

The President has not previously given a clear answer to the question of whether he would participate in the presidential elections in 2018. He replied that talking about it was “absolutely premature.” In an interview with Bloomberg he said that the decision will depend on whether the implemented “plans and goals we set for ourselves… the improvement of the living level of people, the economy, social sphere, increase of defensibility of the country”. In this interview, he also described how, in his opinion, should be the future leader of Russia. “I believe that the future leader should be a young man, but Mature,” — said the head of state on a question of journalists.

In March 2015, Vladimir Putin admitted that the presidential elections in 2018 may be selected by another person.

In November, Levada center conducted a survey, according to which the number of Russians want to see Putin as President after 2018, has reached 63%. This was the highest level since October 2012.