The Bank of the government of the Crimea will disable ATMs because data about cyber attack

The management of the Genebank decided to temporarily disable ATM network, said in a statement on the Bank’s website. The outage will occur from 21:00 on 4 December until 9:00 on 5 December.

The reason, as explained in the Bank, — preparing, according to the intelligence agencies of Russia, the Russian cyber attack on the banking system. Lock will be carried out “to prevent unauthorized transactions and loss of clients’ funds.”

Non-cash transactions on Bank cards can be implemented in full, underlined in the GenBank. Cash withdrawal is possible from ATMs of other banks.

2 Dec Federal security service (FSB) reported that the largest Russian banks in dozens of cities have become targets of massive cyber attacks prepared by foreign special services. According to her, the attack must begin on 5 December. Server capabilities and command centers for cyber-attacks located in the territory of the Netherlands and belong to a Ukrainian hosting company BlazingFast, said the FSB.

According to the FSB, a cyber attack must be accompanied by a mass sending provocative SMS messages and stuffing in social networks information on bankruptcy and revocation of the licences of the leading banks of Federal and regional significance and the crisis of the financial system. The Agency announced the adoption of the necessary measures to neutralize threats to economic and information security.

Central Bank thus emphasized that has all the complete information about the threat of cyber attacks on the financial system of Russia. The regulator gave the necessary guidance to banks, the report said.