The defense Ministry told about the conversion of Hamim base in Syria

In 2016, the Ministry of defence was built on the territory of the Russian base in Syria, Hamim new dining rooms and baths for the troops, as well as facilities for military equipment. About it in interview to the newspaper “Izvestia” said the Deputy defense Minister for logistics Dmitry Bulgakov.

At the Russian base “was built and operated three canteens, two fixed baths, a warehouse of clothing and equipment, food warehouse and storage-a refrigerator.” In addition, there is the apron for aircraft the military transport aircraft and a helipad.

In Tartus, where is the 720-th item of the logistics of IMF of Russia, was built a full military camp to accommodate anti-aircraft missile battalion s-300, said Bulgakov.

The delivery of materiel to the Russian servicemen carried out a “unique logistics system”, which “brought together all types of transport of the Armed forces and commercial organizations.”

In Bulgakov’s words, “not for nothing, NATO is the Russian system of delivery of material resources in Syria called the Syrian Express” as the delivery process takes place “very quickly”. Thus in Syria was delivered to 710 thousand tonnes of missiles, ammunition, fuel and lubricants, food and other supplies.

The Federation Council on 30 September 2015, unanimously approved the use of Russian Armed forces abroad. A request was made by President Vladimir Putin. On the same day in Mamimi was created by a Russian air base.