The government has identified the amount of subsidies to Chechnya and Crimea in 2017

Chechnya after a sharp speech of his leader Ramzan Kadyrov against reduction of financing of the Republic will receive from the Federal budget in 2017 subsidies for 40.4 billion rubles — almost the same as in 2016. This follows from the government’s amendments to the second reading of the budget for 2017-2019. Their last Friday without discussion approved the state Duma Committee on the budget.

Subsidies Republic of Crimea will fall slightly in 2017 (to 37.2 billion rubles), follows from the same amendment.

Part of the subsidies Chechnya and the Crimea will receive the General procedure, the so — called subsidies to the regions for equalization of budgetary security. The distribution of grants for alignment provided in the application approved by the Committee together with the appropriate amendment of the government. These grants were distributed in late November at a meeting of the tripartite Commission, which includes MPs, senators and officials of the Ministry of Finance, explained earlier, the deputies of the budget Committee. According to this app, Chechnya in 2017 is worth 24 billion rubles Crimea — 18.5 billion.

This is a major, but not the outstanding amounts: for example, Dagestan in 2017 will receive 52.4 billion rubles Yakutia — 36.6 billion rubles, Kamchatka — of 37.16 billion. These three regions in 2016 to become the largest recipients of grants for alignment of budgetary security. In total, this kind of subsidies to the regions, the Federal budget will allocate in 2017 614,6 billion RUB — 100 billion rubles more than in 2016.

A separate amendment to Chechnya, Crimea and Sevastopol, the government decided to allocate another type of subsidies to balance their budgets. According to the initiative of the government of Chechnya will receive on the balance of 16.4 billion rubles., the Crimea — of 18.65 billion, Sevastopol — 5.17 billion (subsidies for leveling the budget supply to Sevastopol provided in the amount of 2,17 bln). This government amendment is also approved by the Duma Committee on the budget. How to distribute subsidies other regions to balance the budgets, the amendment does not say.

As a result, Chechnya, and Crimea will be the recipients of some of the largest Federal subsidies in 2017: the financing of Chechnya (without regard to subsidies and subventions, which rely along with other regions) will account for 40.4 billion rubles., and the Crimea — the 37.15 bn In 2016 Chechnya will receive subsidies of about 41 billion roubles, and the Crimea — by 37.8 billion.

Any explanations of these decisions nor the government, nor the leadership of the budget Committee of the Duma was not given, the deputies of the government’s initiative has not caused problems.

The total amount of subsidies from the Federal budget to the Russian regions is scheduled for 2017 in the amount of 738,3 billion rubles — about 97 billion rubles (15%) more than expected at the end of 2016, follows from the materials of the draft Federal budget, which is now preparing for the second reading. This means that subsidies other regions (except Chechnya and Crimea) will grow by more than 15%.

Earlier in late October, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov spoke out against the plans of the Ministry of Finance to cut funding for the budget of the Republic. According to him, the authorities of the Chechen Republic “agreed to budget cuts”, but the current plan of the Federal authorities threatens the fulfillment of social obligations by the Chechen authorities. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that fears of premature Kadyrov: the head of Chechnya may not know what the grant will be received in the Republic next year, as intergovernmental transfers had not yet been distributed.

Crimean and Sevastopol authorities publicly announce the increased funding from the Federal budget is not requested. However, for these regions, the government has included not only grants, but also contributed to the second reading a large package of amendments, which provides for additional subsidization in all directions.

What other amendments prepared for the second reading

A quarter of loans will reserve “just in case”

The budget Committee approved the amendment of United Russia on a two-fold increase in the budgetary allocations for loans to the regions in 2017 and 2018. The total volume of ultra-low budget loans to the regions will be increased from 100 billion to 200 billion rubles annually. However, while between the regions will be allocated 150 billion rubles in loans, said the Chairman of the budget Committee Andrey Makarov. 50 billion will remain in reserve in case any regions during the year will need urgent aid, said the Deputy.

Deputies found a way to do this without increasing premiums for medicine

Increasing premiums from 5.1 to 5.9% in the mandatory health insurance Fund (HIF) in 2019 will not. The Duma Committee on budget approved the amendment of its President Andrey Makarov to the budget of this Fund, according to which the deficit of the HIF will be compensated from the Federal budget. New balancing mechanism, the intention to develop the previously stated sources in the government and the Duma will be: if the fees of the HIF with the working population in 2019 will be less than 1,3 trillion roubles, the decision on increase of the tariff for mandatory medical insurance of unemployed population, it follows from the text of the amendment Makarov. The increasing rate of contributions of non-working population will mean an increase in regional budget expenditures, because of medical assistance to non-working population to pay FOMS regional authorities. Makarov however, the amendment stipulates that simultaneously with the increase in the contribution rate for the unemployed the Federal government will introduce a special subsidy to regions, so that they could pay Folsom.

Rich regions will be allowed to Fund the police

Regions that do not receive subsidies from the Federal budget, will be allowed to subsidize the Federal budget “in order to co-Finance the execution of expenditure obligations of the Russian logistics activities of the police”. This government amendment on 2 December approved the Duma Committee on the budget. Currently donor regions in Russia, 13, said on another occasion, the Chairman of the budget Committee Andrey Makarov. Earlier, representatives of the Ministry of interior at the meeting of the budget Committee said about the lack of in 2017-2019 years almost 500 billion rubles to fight crime. The second reading of the budget, the government found additional funds for the execution of the particular program, but not in the amounts requested by MIA.

The government at RUB 20 billion tempered expectations for dividends of “Rosneftegaz”

The government has reduced by RUB 20 billion minimum threshold for dividends, which in 2017 is waiting for the state “Rosneftegaz” (which owns 69.5% of Rosneft shares and 10,97% of shares of “Gazprom”). According to the accepted Duma in the first reading the draft budget, the company expected 156,46 billion RUB (anything more than this amount was promised to be given to state-owned companies, to develop the Il-114 aircraft and modernizing the Il-96). The second reading of the government asked to reduce the expected minimum dividends of “Rosneftegaz” to 136 billion rubles Explanations for this decision officials the deputies were not given.