The head of the U.S. air force has described Russia as the main threat to their country

As a guest at the Reagan forum of national security, James said to Reuters: “Russia – the number one threat to the United States. We have to deal with many challenges, but Russia is the most significant threat from nuclear weapons.”

In similar terms expressed and Frank Kendall, who is responsible for the procurement of weapons in the Ministry of defence. According to him, America is focused on problems in the Asia-Pacific region and the middle East, however, more attention is paid to Russia. “Her behavior has forced us to revise views on what we need,” he said.

The head of the joint command Joseph Dunford called for the purpose of Russia’s opposition to NATO. “They operate in areas where there was past few decades,” he said.

Threats from the Russian side at the conference voiced commander of the naval operations of the United States John Richardson. However, he pointed out that the prevention of incidents at sea is required to consult with the Russian military. According to him, he regularly talks with representatives of the Chinese Navy, however, never contacts with the representatives of naval forces of Russia or Iran. While Richardson has expressed concern in connection with the report of the Minister of defence of Norway Ine Søreide, who suggested that his actions in the Arctic, Russia is looking to block in case of need the way of military supplies from North America to Europe.