The media showed video of consequences of shelling of the Russian hospital in Aleppo

The TV channel “Russia 24” showed a video of the shelling of a field hospital in Aleppo, Syria, which killed Russian soldiers-medic. The footage shows the targeted territory are the burnt fragments of destroyed tents, beds, stretchers, medical instruments — vessel, a bandage, a stethoscope and also charred “Notepad primary medical cards.”

As told the correspondent of TV channel, the militants carried out the shelling of the southern part of Eastern Aleppo sighting. First Mina, he said, exploded near the receiving branch of the Russian mobile hospital. The second mine went directly to the tent, where the reception of patients from Eastern Aleppo, said the correspondent.

Initially, that in Aleppo in the shelling of a field hospital died, the Russian nurse and injured two Russian physician, said Monday the Agency Associated Press with reference to the Russian officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Later this information was confirmed by Russian defense Ministry. The official representative of Department major General Igor Konashenkov said that the Russian servicemen were killed-a doctor, two Russian workers were seriously injured.