The Ministry of defence promised to punish those responsible for the deaths of Russian doctors in Syria

Customers and performers should be “proportionate responsibility” for the deaths of Russian doctors in Aleppo. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov, “Interfax”.

“The crime fighters of the so-called opposition will be investigated,” he said.

The shelling of the Russian hospital earlier the defense Ministry accused opposition fighters. According to the representative of military Department, “the blood of soldiers is on the hands of the” protectors “of terrorists from the U.S., Britain, France and other sympathetic countries and entities”. As noted by the representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia, they have created and armed opposition “to justify to his conscience and the voters.”

On the death of a Russian soldier-medic in the shelling of a hospital in Aleppo told the Associated Press. According to the Agency, which cites an unnamed Russian officer, the shelling was carried out by insurgents of parts of Aleppo, which is controlled by the government of Syria.

Later, the Russian defense Ministry confirmed the death of a soldier and wounding two medics. According to authorities, the hospital was shelled by artillery in Aleppo with 12:21 to 12:30 GMT on Monday, 5 December. Mine went to the emergency Department of the hospital. In addition, injured civilians who came to the reception to the doctors.

The list of dead Russians from the beginning of the campaign HQs in Syria

Soon the second army, who was injured during the fire, died. According to the official representative of the Ministry of defense, doctors “have taken everything in their power to save her”, but she died due to severe injuries.

As the channel Russia Today, in the shelling of the hospital affected the journalist. He received a slight wound in the leg.