Trump has offered to consult with the state Department before the phone conversation

During the meeting with political scientists on Sunday, Kerry suggested that the elected President of the United States Trump before talks with foreign leaders would be worth at least receive advice from employees of the state Department, which has long dealt with issues of foreign policy. “Will he adhere to these recommendations or not is another question, but it would be valuable to ask people who know what is happening” – quoted by Kerry Reuters.

He added that so far, the trump didn’t confer with diplomats about their conversations with foreign leaders.

To discuss the phone conversations of the elected President began his conversation with the President of Taiwan on Friday. In China, this message responded with diplomatic protests and speculation that the new head of the White house to change American policy towards Beijing. As it turned out, it was the first conversation of the leader of the United States with the President of Taiwan since 1979, when Jimmy Carter officially recognized Taiwan to be part of a single China.

Elected Vice-President Mike Pence has urged not to dramatize the situation, indicating that the Taiwan leader called Trump only in order to congratulate him on his victory in the presidential election. According to him, the interview with the Taiwanese President was no different from a similar conversation with the leader of China XI Jinping.