Britain sent a frigate to monitor the “Vice-Admiral Kulakov”

Royal Navy of great Britain sent a frigate HMS Sutherland to follow the Russian large anti-submarine ship “Vice-Admiral Kulakov”, which was part of the carrier battle group in the Mediterranean, and now back to a Russian port after performing their tasks.

In a message posted on the website of the Royal Navy said that the frigate sent to the Western part of the English channel, to track the movement of the Russian vessel, when it will go through British territorial waters.

“The mission of HMS Sutherland, and colleagues in NATO, is to closely monitor the Russian ship, ensuring the security of the countries bordering the North sea and the English channel,” – said in a statement.

Frigates commander trish Kohn told the newspaper The Telegraph that such passages of Russian ships are not unusual, but the “Royal Navy ready at any time to defend British territorial waters”.

“Vice-Admiral Kulakov” left the Mediterranean sea in late November. As reported the press service of the Northern fleet, on 30 November, the ship entered the Atlantic ocean. The ship has carried out tasks in the Mediterranean sea part of the carrier group headed by aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”.

Britain also followed the movement of the entire carrier battle group when she was heading to the Mediterranean sea. The British defence Secretary Michael Fallon promised the military will follow “every step” of the Russian ships on their way.