Human rights activists told about the reluctance of Russia to accept refugees from Syria

The refusal of asylum

Despite the military support of Syria, the Russian authorities are in no hurry to contribute to the improvement in Russia’s refugees, the report “Syrian refugees in Russia” the Committee “Civil assistance” (organization specializiruetsya for assistance to migrants). Officials constantly denying Syrians asylum and expelled them from the country, the authors of the report (is available) Konstantin Troitsky and Svetlana Gannushkina.

Who is fighting in Syria

The civil war in Syria began in the spring of 2011 after the violent suppression by the authorities of the protests. Fighting underway between the army of President Bashar al-Assad, the Islamists of ISIS (banned in Russia), Western-backed moderate opposition and Kurdish socialists. Russia, which supports Assad, is waging a military operation in Syria from 30 September 2015. During the year, the expenditure of Russia on the Syrian campaign amounted to no less than 58 billion rubles, testified to the estimates . At the end of the year, Turkey began a ground operation in the North of Syria.

According disbanded and incorporated into the interior Ministry’s Federal migration service at the beginning of April this year (the liquidation of the Federal migration service on April 5 the publication of statistics ceased) in Russia was 7096 citizens of Syria. Only Syria for 7 years has left about 5 million people. The number in Russia Syrians, which are written by the authors of the report also includes diplomats and migrants, who came to the fighting. In 2015 in Russia there were about 8205 Syrians.

In 2011-2015 refugee status in Russia, applied for 2011 the Syrians, but it was only one person. With temporary asylum, the situation is better: with the appropriate statements filed 4462 Syrians provided it was 3306 migrants. But the status of temporary asylum is granted only for a year, and it can not be extended, the report noted. According to the UN office for refugees in the EU, most of the Syrians living in Germany and Greece

The refusal of asylum

Of the 82 decisions of the Federal migration service issued during the first half of 2016, 57 contained a refusal to grant temporary asylum, it follows from the statistics of the “Civil assistance”. Only in seven cases, people were granted temporary asylum, another 17 migrants, the authorities refused to renew their right to stay in Russia.

From March 2016 the migration authorities in their failures began to refer to the improvement of the situation in Syria, the report said. Officials recommend returning to Syria is not only men but also women and children, including pregnant women. After the conclusion of truce between Assad and the moderate opposition in March this year, Russian authorities began to refuse refugees on the grounds that the war in Syria ends. At the end of January this year, the Federal migration service in Moscow region has refused to the citizen of Syria in a temporary shelter, noting that “Syria is safe”, 43 as leader of the moderate opposition have signed the cessation of hostilities, give an example of the report’s authors.

Prison instead of helping

According to human rights activists, migration officials often call the cops that make up the Protocol on violation of order of stay. Then the refugee is sent to court, where sentences you to a fine with expulsion from the country. Often the expulsion decision is accompanied by a placement in a special detention centre is a prison, where people can have up to two years, the report said.

At the same time to arrange their stay in Russia to the Syrians problematic due to bureaucratic obstacles, make it clear to the authors of the report. To seek refuge in Russia without the assistance of a lawyer is impossible, since applicants simply do not allow for the procedure if it refer to the interior Ministry on their own, give an example of human rights activists.

The Syrian Diaspora is trying to help came to Russia, including payment and pay lawyers in the courts, said Faiz Halawa, a representative of the Society of citizens of Syrian origin in Russia. But Russia is not for the Syrians an attractive country because of the unusual weather conditions, high prices and problems with transportation in the European Union.

Moscow is actually not doing anything for the refugees, despite direct involvement in the conflict, said Tatyana Lokshina, program Director for Russia at Human Rights Watch. “Russia claims that it has made a huge contribution to the fight against terrorism, but their actions makes it clear that the refugee problem should be dealt with through the other”, — said the expert. In the opinion of the defender, given the current practice, the government will continue to argue that the territory controlled by the Assad regime acceptable for life, and therefore grounds for asylum there.