Kiriyenko acknowledged problems with the act registered as foreign agents at the meeting with HRC

The conversation of the first Deputy head of presidential administration Sergey Kiriyenko Presidium of the Council for human rights (HRC) under the President on Monday, December 5, lasted four hours and ended at midnight. Human rights defenders discussed with Sergei Kiriyenko of the topic to the upcoming meeting of the HRC, with President Vladimir Putin. This meeting, the head of the Council Mikhail Fedotov, will be held in the coming days.

Four hours of conversation with Sergei Kiriyenko, the members of the HRC, said Fedotov, discussed many subjects: “It was a Frank, detailed conversation. All were in favor who were invited”. Said, in particular, with regard to ecology, migration policy, legislation on NGOs, the activities of Public monitoring commissions (PMCS).

The law on foreign agents

Fedotov said that the sides discussed specific examples related to incorrect, according to human rights activists, the inclusion of NCOs into the registry of foreign agents.

“Following the discussion we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to study the practice of application of the law, and then it will become clear what should be changed,” – said the head of the HRC. However, the timing of the analysis of law enforcement practice were not discussed, says Fedotov. While Kiriyenko, he said, agreed that the question of possible adjustments of the law on NGOs-foreign agents requires consideration.

The issue of changing the law on registered as foreign agents human rights activists will raise at the next meeting with the President.

In turn, a source in the Kremlin said that a possible adjustment of the enforcement of the law. According to him, there should not be such situations, when, for example, the environmental organization wrote a letter to the Governor with a request to create the reserve, this letter is considered a “political activity”, and NCBs is the registry of “foreign agents”.

The law on registered as a foreign agent was discussed at the beginning of the four-hour meeting Kiriyenko human rights defenders, confirmed the Deputy Chairman of the HRC Evgeny Bobrov. According to him, “it was one of the primary topics of conversation and she was paid an hour, although initially not planned”.

“Kiriyenko said that it is impossible to repeal the law, but you can improve that he will not be beat on those organizations who is not an agent, confirmed a member of the HRC Andrei Babushkin. — He believes that those who admitted illegally or unreasonably, you can examine the situation and bring any organization from the list of registered as a foreign agent”.

Human rights activists complained of recognition registered as a foreign agent by the Levada Centre and the “Memorial” says beavers, and Kiriyenko acknowledged that the case of improper law enforcement practices exist.

“Registered as a foreign agent was extremely lively discussion. Specific examples mentioned and the “Levada”, and “memorial,” confirmed another member of the HRC and the participant of the meeting Maxim Shevchenko. — My point about registered as foreign agents was the fact that I don’t understand why one Department decides who to appoint agents and whom not. I said that even if the office decides, since it’s the law, but required public examination with the involvement of the presidential administration and NGOs”.

The main criterion of Agency activities should be work in a foreign country, suggested at a meeting with Kremlin officials, the head of the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alekseeva.

Discussed human rights defenders and related with the topic registered as foreign agents, the issue of funding of NGOs — some of the participants complained of a lack of funding. In conversation it was mentioned that some officials register social NGOs, not leading real activity, for fraud in obtaining grants from the state.

UPC and Dading

At the meeting we were talking about the PMC. According to Fedotov, human rights defenders discussed with Sergei Kiriyenko, the problem of inclusion in the commissions of a number of human rights defenders. In October, it was approved the new composition of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow, who was the former head of the detention center “Butyrka”, figurant “the list Magnitsky” the prison Dmitry br. While the new composition of the PMC were not included such prominent human rights activists like Anna Karetnikova and Andrei Babushkin.

According to the head of the HRC, Kiriyenko said that this issue should be addressed with the Public chamber, because it forms the PMC. The problem, says Fedotov solved: through the process of election can be included in the composition of the public monitoring commissions of those human rights defenders who have been deprived of the opportunity to get there.

Human rights defenders, says of beavers, complained that in the absence of funding from foreign investors and the state there is a risk that the PMC will be live on “tillage” released from prison. Kiriyenko also assured human rights activists that the issue of permanent financing of the PMC is discussed.

The Kremlin official noted that it is necessary to examine why the members of the PMC have no right to see in prisons with a personal matter and disciplinary practices, said grandma. According to him, on many topics Kiriyenko did not respond aloud. “For example, I was called to work under article 72 of the criminal code (“on the calculation of terms of punishment”) and to change the provision about regulations of the Ministry of justice, which are recognized for official use. Kiriyenko, consider, did not react, but all items recorded,” said grandma.

According to grandma and Bobrov, at the end of the discussion a member of the HRC Igor Kalyapin mentioned the allegations of torture of a prisoner opposition activist Ildar Dading.

“He (Kalyapin) emotionally told Kiriyenko about what is happening in Russian prisons, – said Bobrov. — Kirienko said that the translation of the Dading in another colony — this is a management right decision, since we have to post the warring sides, otherwise there will be constant conflicts. The HRC and the Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova not hitting there.”

“Technological process”

Also talking about the immigration policy. Fedotov said that at the meeting the question was raised, “is it time to declare an immigration Amnesty for those people who were born in the USSR, had lived in Russia, but are unable to obtain citizenship.” “We offered to give them at least a residence permit. Kiriyenko said that the head of state must consult this problem,” – said the Chairman of the HRC.

Most at the meeting spoke about the environment, said in a conversation with grandma. According to him, this is the topic most Kiriyenko attended: presented it for half an hour a member of the HRC, and the Executive Director of “Greenpeace Russia” Sergey Tsyplenkov, then another half hour Kiriyenko talked on this subject.

Maxim Shevchenko told Kiriyenko about the mass violation of citizens ‘ rights in the Caucasus, the so-called profuchet (statement on preventive register in the police, citizens tend to commit offences). The human rights activist mentioned the problems with the investigation of the killing of Muslim intellectuals and activists.

Kiriyenko told human rights activists that the “technological process”, i.e., proposing concrete solutions to the problems, says Shevchenko. Kiriyenko has promised to hold such meetings with human rights activists regularly as it previously was under his predecessor in the Kremlin, Vyacheslav Volodin, said beavers.