Merkel for the first time upheld a ban on wearing the burqa

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for the introduction in Germany of a ban on the wearing in public of religious dress that completely covers the face. Such a statement she made, speaking at the party Congress of the Christian democratic Union in Cologne, according to Bloomberg.

“Fully face-covering [veil] should be prohibited”, — quotes its statement to Bloomberg. Merkel added that “sometimes it seems that people who already live in Germany for a long time, also need listening integration course”.

This speech was the first public statement of the Chancellor on this issue and was met with thunderous applause in the hall, which brought together about a thousand delegates of the party, said Spigel and Bild.

Led by Merkel’s ruling party CDU intends to seek a partial ban on wearing the burqa (full face-covering) and niqab (covering the face in part), says Deutche Welle. First of all we are talking about a ban on such clothing in the courts and with the passage of the policing and transport.

This topic is raised at the party Congress of the CDU for the third time, says Deutche Welle.

From European countries the ban on the wearing in public places clothing that covers the face, has been active since 2011 in France.

For the introduction of a partial ban on wearing the burqa at the end of November 2016, also voted in the lower house of the Netherlands, Reuters reported. The proposal still needs approval of the upper house of Parliament.